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End of the line for us!

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All survivors,

Well, I took a lightening strike a week ago and my Sony UTV is down to one tuner and my RCA UTV is apparently dead won't boot.

Called DTV and finally got a deal. Getting a HDV-DVR and SDV-DVR no charge. They even cut the prices for services when I stated that I was looking to go to cable. Took some finagling but it finally happened. Install set for 23 August.

I want to thank all for the information, help and support over the past years. There is a wealth of knowledge here that kept me up and going.

Now, if anyone wants a bunch (I mean a bunch) of UTV receivers, in various states of disrepair, you can have em for shipping. Includes at least 3 Sony's and one RCA UTV's remotes, keyboards, manuals, etc. (no cables). By the end of September, if there are no takers off to the landfill they go. Damn shame!

I also have one or two of the MAX2104 tuner chips for the adventurous. Changing the tuner chips out is not for the faint at heart rather a difficult maneuver. But if you wanna try it here they are.

Again, thanks to all and good luck with your UTV's I know we are truly going to miss em.

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Tempting offers all around from DTV and for UTVs (I've never considered a DIY tuner repair... but it seems if I go the "cold dead hands" route that I may have to start doing my own repairs...) .

Until 8/23/10 did you confirm your "bad tuner" cable run wasn't the culprit? Was the RCA's failure to boot possibly from a blown fuse or bad power connection/cable?

I seem to recall the "Dead" UTV has on occasion been revived by various ways (Disconnecting all cable connections, overnight disconnect, pulling/resetting fuses and ribbon cables, etc.) . Best of luck recovering your MY SHOWS from the UTVs if possible.

Remember to leave your UTVs "offline" when you disconnect DTV service... so you can keep the recordings longer (and possibly recover them later).
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Dave, thanks for the suggestions. I tried everything I could think of on the RCA, short of opening it up. It could be a blown fuse. I may need to check that before the 23rd. It was in the bedroom and had very little recordings ... nothing I would miss.

The 2nd tuner issue ... yes, I swapped cables and Tuner 1 is bad.

Good point 'leave UTV's offline...' I didn't think of that. The RCA is already disconnected but we are still watching the Sony.

Thanks much!
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You are welcome. If the RCA UTV is "dead" and might not have been able to see the SAT ... then it might technically still be an "Active" Access Card should it ever be restored somehow. (A cold shutdown for a few days and a "miraculous" rebirth.)

As for the Sony's "dead tuner"... I know I usually had tuner failures leave a History Trail of tuner Status changes over several days (that weren't weather related). If it still has any life left a reset (UTV Code 12357) or unplugging might bring it back (in a mild case) or a "cold" reboot (allow the unit to cool off for several hours) might do the same.

Not that you'd want to rely on it the last couple weeks but that is one troubleshooting tip (along with keeping the UTV cool with it's fan running in an open space) that might keep what's left of it working better till 8/23.

Keep us posted on how the upgrade goes. I'm sure there are others that want to know what to currently be aware of (good and bad) when the times comes to replace their current system(s).
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Hi, you have a PM on the RCA and its related items.
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I'm finally giving in and giving up my RCA UTV so I can go to HD - I was holding out because I'll miss picture-in-picture, but there's just too many cool new features out now in the new receivers. Is there still a market for a working RCA UTV box? Oh, and kodakvnf - You managed to get 2 receivers for free? I'm going to have to work them a bit more - on my first contact with them, they were only giving me the DVR free, and not the 2nd receiver...
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Sorry for the late reply … long hot days, school starting and just da*n tired.

The deal … I am getting one HD-DVR and one SD-DVR free. Includes installation! Also they are waving ‘HD Service’ for one year. They would have done 2 years if I had opted in for paperless billing. We are looking at changing our ISP … so I didn’t want the hassle … so I kept the paper billing. Gotta give USPS something to do! This is a NEW two year contact.

Total Choice package. The DVR charge, $7.00, is still there. Dropped HBO and added Starz/Encore. Total = $66.48/month for the first year. If the $10.00 HD charge gets added after the first year = $76.48. $20.00 + less than we are paying now!

Some other notes of interest …
- I stated that we were looking to give cable a try. She knew (really!) the cable company. Their HD-DVR’s only hold 100 SD hours or 23 HD hours. Ours hold 400 hours SD or 100 hours HD. Go figure.
- I was already approved for a new receiver upgrade. When I called to cancel service on the dead RCA, that was not mentioned. I made an issue. If they had made me an offer that day … I may have taken it. Glad I held out. At that time I could have gotten an HD-DVR for $99.xx or a SD-DVR for $49.xx.
- I have been with them since late ’96. The only receiver I ever got from them was the one I got in ’96. Every receiver since was on my dime.

Other stuff …
I bought several small 5vdc fans and spliced to USB connectors. I placed two fans, side by side, at the vents just above the tuners to give better air flow. As far as overheating … I have not had an issue since doing this. I have 3 sets of these fans available if anyone is interested. 2 of ‘em are currently installed in receivers. Picture available on request.

The RCA … I deactivated as the second tuner. The receiver was down when deactivation occurred. If the receiver does indeed revive … after, say replacing a blown fuse … then it may be just fine!

The Sony gave no ‘Tuners Changed’ messages. Tuner 1 just went away after the lightening strike. I am thinking the strike ran in on the phone line. The modem appears to be dead (actually causing problem on the whole house lines). And there are other issues that lead me to that conclusion.

Finally …
I have asked and looked for ‘reviews’ from UTV’ers that have made the ‘switch’ to no avail. I will do my best to keep ya’ll abreast on the transition and the ramifications. You know … if they (wife & kids) ain’t happy … I ain’t happy. No better place to vent than here!

Sorry so late and so long!
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Thanks for that Kodak! I'm very interested since I'm about to go HD soon.
How hard did you have to work for this "deal"?

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Honestly I didn't have to work that hard for the deal. I had already scheduled a cable install for internet and during that research I checked prices for the cable service ('bout normal), equipment (free) and installation (also free). So as far as I was concerned if they didn't offer an acceptable deal ... I was done!

I expected 'em to provide the equipment and installation since I have been with 'em for 15 years.

My theory was they are offering these great' deals for new customers. I could switch to cable for 6 months (no contract) and then go back to them as a new subscriber. That was what I was willing to do.

Good Luck!
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Thanks! I can't really play the cable card. No cable out here in the sticks. I guess I'll need to see what Dish will offer and try to use that maybe..

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Tomorrow is D-day!

I will start a new thread after the install to keep ya'll up to date on how it goes.

The RCA UTV is gone. Still have 3 Sony UTV’s if anyone wants ‘em. It will only cost shipping. The RCA cost $20 +/- to ship.

Wish me luck!!!
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