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center/front/surround recommentdations (<$2k ttl)

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Exec Summary:
0. Recommendations for 1 Center, 2 front, 4 surrounds, 1 sw
1. Your budget - $2k
2. Size requirements/limits - Dogs like to chew on stuff, I'd prefer they don't chew on my speakers (I can protect the sw). I'm getting 2x4's across the studds in sections where I have speaker wire run to enable easy wall mounting of all the speakers.
3. Room dimensions - 3600 CF (18*11*8 + 21*12*8)
4. Primary uses - 10% FIOS Tv, 30% Streaming netflix, 40% video games (ps3/xbox 360), 20% movies (blu ray... actually don't have a BR player, could use a recommendation on that as well)
5. Listening habits / volume level - I don't need to feel like I'm in Nam (probably would never be allowed to turn the volume up that high anyway). I do like decent quality sound (Went to best buy yesterday and was very unimpressed with the hollow-boomy sounds coming from some expensive SWs in their "magnolia" section during the movie Avatar)
6. Appearance requirements - gotta look nice (to help the sale with the gf)
7. Timeframe - probably within one year

More details:Ok,

We are remodeling the entire basement in a newly purchased 1978 home to include a good sized living room (21' by 23' by 8'). I've been able to prewire the basement with 14 gague monoprice (and 2x digital coax for the sw) wire to locations shown in picture. The wall plate for the front speakers is 4' off the ground, Center wall plate is 4' off the ground, all surround plates are 6'6".

The basement is going to be ceramic tile throughout... bad for audio but good for dog piss (we currently have 4 pekingnese, girlfriend rehabs them and adopts them out).

My current surround sound system is .... drumroll.... Logitech Z-5500, with which I've been reasonably satisfied in my previous apartment 10' by 10' "living room".

I just purchased an onkyo SR-608 to organize video / drive speakers.

Now, I am not in a huge rush to upgrade my speakers... but I definitely want to (huge rush may change after I hear how my Z-5500 speakers perform in the new space). I am looking for recommendations for all my new speakers (including sw). I'd like to keep it lower than $2k total (my girlfriend would lose a gasket at even that price).
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You might want to look into a 5.1 speaker set from Hsu Research or SVS. For speakers alone, also look into Ascend Acoustics or EMP. For subs alone, check out Outlaw Audio, Epik subwoofers, Tweakcity Audio, Elemental Designs, or Rythmik. Those are all internet direct companies, their subs will kill whatever is carried at bestbuy. Bestbuy has some nice speakers, but they are not competitively priced with internet direct ones.
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Check out the PSB speaker package in Audio Advisor. T55 floor standers, center, 2 rears and a sub $1999. Great highly rated system.
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Thanks for the recommendations guys! I'm pretty excited about the HSU "Enthusiast 3" package. Looks to be a great value for some outstanding speakers.
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My system is similar to the enthusiast 3 package, except I have two VTF3's and only two surrounds. Really kick-ass system, you can't go wrong with that one. The sub is amazing, and the speakers are great. What's nice is their efficiency, almost any receiver can drive those speakers easily for a loud, clean, sound. My Onkyo TX-SR707 can drive them beautifully. If you decide on the Hsu speakers, try to make sure the speakers aren't placed directly up against the wall. They are rear ported and need a couple inches behind them for the port to breath to sound their best.
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