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Is Phenom II X3 720 fast enough for 3D Bluray

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Does any owner know for sure? I could try myself if someone can point me to an MVC sample. Not sure what codec I need though.

My X3 can handle the Planet Earth sample of birds flying well below 100% and witout any overclocking. Since it's a Black Edition, I could push it a bit after getting a better cooler (running on stock now) if needed for MVC.

I have a 4850 video card which could help but so far I think it doesn't support MVC and also I am thinking of getting rid of this since it generates too much heat even with an after-market cooler, especially if my X3 could handle the load.

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Yes for MPEG-4 MVC, yes for TrueTheater 3D. Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz is almost equivalent to Athlon II X3 2.9GHz in video playback (L3 cache is helpful slightly).
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From what I've read, a Athlon II x3 440 is the minimum (elsewhere I've read 2.7GHz), so yes the Phenom II x3 720 should be fine. I believe some 720's are Black Editions, so you can easily OC it if you need more in case the future requires it.
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Thanks renethx and H8nXTC. Now I think I can get rid of the 4850 which still makes audible sound with Vantec cooler and temp never drops below 60C. My X3 is a BE, so a bit of overclocking shouldn't be hard.

For the CPU cooler, what would you suggest? I have an Antec Fusion case and initially planned for Ninja mini. But it's not available everywhere and also quite expensive because of the scarcity. Would Freezer Pro be an inaudible from a distance (not totally quiet like mini) but otherwise good replacement?
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Cooler Master Geminii S @<1000rpm is powerful enough for quad-core and almost inaudible.
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Another note... if you have a 720 BE then unlock that fourth core and OC it a little, you should be able to get to at least a 3.0 Ghz Quad core (and with no real temp concerns, even a stock cooler will handle it) .

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I have a X3 and can attest that it is fine for BD playback. And I also can unlock the fourth core.
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Thanks again renethx. It's a bit more expensive but if it is significantly better than that Arctic Freezer Pro, I might just go for it.

DaGamePimp, I tried it a year or more ago. In fact I got my Biostar TA790G XE board just because I heard it was possible to unlock the 4th core. But unfortunately when I set the ACC to Auto, the system would just go blank and I had to reset the BIOS. Could it be because I needed to up the vcore?

I saw it was fast enough for everything i threw at it, so didn't bother much but unlocking a core would be really interesting, if possible with my CPU. Anything else I can check to make sure my 4th core is really unusable?
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Originally Posted by jlabom View Post

I have a X3 and can attest that it is fine for BD playback. And I also can unlock the fourth core.

jlabom, for standard BDs, I don't have any issues. I was concerned about 3D ones, for which I currently don't have a player. Would first like to test with a sample MKV containing MVC stream if I could find one but no need as renethx and others have confirmed.

For unlocking the 4th core, did you do anything other than setting ACC to auto?
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Another vote for the GeminII S CPU cooler. You can get it for $35 at TigerDirect, I believe. As for the 4th core, unlocking the core and the computer freezing like that is a sign the 4th core could be bad and shouldn't be unlocked. No biggy though, you're CPU is enough.
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Each mobo is a little different, some have combinations of settings that must be applied in the Bios to unlock extra cores, check for your particular mobo. I have also found that while some mobo's claim to allow core unlocking it might only work with certain bios revisions, I had a mobo where I had to go back to a previous bios on one of the builds I did.

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Thanks all, I have ordered the GeminII S. Two of my Corsair XMS memory sticks have tall heatsinks. Hopefully I can fit it.

For the unlocking, I need to try with the BIOS from here. Several users have reported success with "0904 stepping". The stepping I get from CPUID is 2 -

Am I looking at something else?
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A slight bump hoping someone with the information would notice
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For unlocking all I did was set ACC to auto in the bios. I ran Prime 95 to see if was stable. CPUz will show it as a Phenom II X4 20 processor. Not all of them will unlock and the 4th core may not be stable. It depends on the particular X3 you get.
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An Update - Unlocking the 4th core didn't work even with the modded BIOS. The system doesn't post even with vcore 1.35v and nb 1.35v but I was expecting it anyway, no big deal. It's an HTPC after all.

The big deal is that GeminII S is an awesome cooler. It's huge and my wife was joking we could use it in the living room. It's almost silent, I can't hear it above my Vantec cooler ... this is the next one in my list to be replaced ... as soon as an affordable HDMI 1.4 card is released. Come on ATI 6xxx.

The CPU now runs at 38/39°C after 15 minutes of stress testing in Everest with CPU set to run at 3GHz (x15). Previously it used to reach at about 47/48°C at default 2.8GHz clock. I could definitely push further but didn't see a point since it's enough for all the BDs I have. Once I get a 3D player and a few 3D BDs, I'll try again but as others have confirmed, the CPU should be fast enough. Thank you all again.
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