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***Official SAMSUNG LN46c650/630 Calibration thread**

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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a Samsung LN46C650 and love it. The only problem is that I cannot find any calibration threads or posts regarding the TV. If anyone can help by posting their setting, it would be a great help.

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There is already a massive Owner's Thread for this set that addresses your request.


BTW, you are misusing the term calibration. You are asking for settings not calibrations. Calibrations are holistic tuning of TVs done on an individual basis in the customer's environment utilizing as much as $10k of specialized electronics. This process can take 4 hours.Each TV is individual and everything a calibrator does for one is not applicable to the next TV. If you read through the master thread you will find user setting suggestions. You can also go to tweaktv.com and get settings

Here is the link to the calibration forum if you want to learn more about it

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Sorry to bump an old thread but its the first result that comes up when you search for ln46c650 calibration in Google. Since it is then would be nice if someone put the calibration settings here so that we don't have to go through the pain of searching through 100 pages to find it. I gave up after the third page with the link provided above.
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The title of the website for the following info states settings are for LN46C750, but the text of the website seem to be for LN55C650. Either way, the settings are likely very similar for each anyway (only relevant difference is that the C750 has slightly higher contrast).

Given that this is the first site that pops up in google for "LN46C650 settings"; I left this here for posterity (unlike previous posters?) especially given the recent software update that erases all previous settings.

White Balance Settings
Red - Offset 28
Green - Offset 25
Blue - Offset 16
Red - Gain 17
Green - Gain 25
Blue - Gain 21
Picture Settings
Picture Mode: Movie
Color Temp: Warm 2
Brightness: 47
Contrast: 95
Color: 49
Tint: G49/R51
Sharpness: 0
Backlight: 7
Picture Settings
Black Tone: Off
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Gamma: -1
Flesh Tone: 0
Edge Enhancement: Off
Digital NR: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Off
Auto Motion: Standard
Blue Only Mode: Off

Courtesy: lcdtvbuyingguide
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I've played with the settings in order to match the Samsung Display with my Macbook Pro's display. Here are my suggestions:

Select Movie Mode
Backlight 10
Contrast 100
Brightness 30
Advanced Settings:
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Shadow: 0
Gamma: -3
White Balance: R-Offset 23, All Others 25
10p White Balance: Off
Picture Options: Color Tone - Warm2, HDMI Black Level: Low

Any settings missing above were not available for changing. If they are available to you, I suggest leaving them at default or playing with them one by one. The Samsung display at these settings is a bit more contrasty than the Macbook Pro's display, but gets too washed out at lower Contrast settings. Let me know if you have any suggestions for changes.

P.S. This is with the Macbook Pro connected via Displayport to an HDMI input on the Samsung.
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For cable (RCN in lower Manhattan), I use the following settings. Note, I prefer a cooler picture, though with less green. I also tried to find a good balance between HD and SD video, though bent toward HD video (also note, RCN only provides 720p).

If you want a different white balance, I suggest you focus on the White Balance control rather than Tint since the latter is a good bit less precise. I use the Flesh Tone tool because I believe it specifically targets flesh tones and decreases the green in them.

Finally, the picture varies so greatly from one channel to the next that I can only imagine it would do so even more from one cable service to the next. I'd suggest starting out with these settings or those above offered by lcdbuyingguide and then adjust freely to suit your tastes. As I did, be sure to check several channels and weigh those you watch more often more heavily. Good luck.

Backlight 10
Contrast 100
Bright 35
Sharp 25
Color 45
Tint 50/50
Eco: All Off
Advanced Settings:
Black Tone: Darkest
Dynamic Contrast: Low
Shadow: 0
Gamma: 0
Color Space: Auto
White Balance: R-Off 27, G-Off 17, B-Off 16, R-Gain 23, G-Gain 20, B-Gain 25
10p White Balance: Off
Flesh Tone: 2
Edge Enhancement: Off
xvYCC: Off
Picture Options: Color Tone - Normal, All Others - Auto/Off
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