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Originally Posted by Santapimp27 View Post

I had a Pioneer plasma for like 8-10 years. It cost $12000 and ran great until last summer when it had a green spot form in the middle. Its in a bedroom now still running. It had over 30000 hours on it.

Man! 30000 hours. Not that I'm surprised. This shows how misinformed people are about plasma. I have a Sony plasma that has about 25000 hours, it's my bedroom set now, that will not die. I'll probably have to put a mob hit on it.
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I bought a Toshiba 50 in 15 years ago! It was still working great til lighting struck it. It had a great picture & no problems at all! Never had to replace anything. I paid about $1200.00 for it at Sears. It was not a flat screen. I do not mind a tv that is 18 inches from the wall, I'm not trying to keep up or impress. I've heard that flat screens have so many electronics in the small thin thing that they do not last as long- maybe over heating? Now I will buy a DLP Mitsubichi 2011, 82 inch, model 840 Diamond Series, for about thte same price or $1600.00. Yes, it stands about 14 inches from the wall, but that's ok with me-it will last many years. My brother bought one 17 years ago & it still works great! (still checking prices) Something to think about...
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I expect to get 10 years out of a TV I buy. These things aren't cheap and I feel like 10 years isn't too much to ask. I had a 6.5 year old DLP that seems to be going out now. Would have liked to get a few more years out of it.
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Originally Posted by LowerFE View Post

How long do plasmas last? I have a 50PK550, and the specs say 100000 hours. Is there any truth to that?

I just sold an older Pio plasma that I had for 10+ years. It had over 32,000 hours of viewing time and it was still working OK. Just so you know, the "early" plasmas were rated for apx 20,000 hrs (to half-brightness) so mine performed very well indeed!

But so that you know the whole story, the plasma (viewing a white screen) was NOT uniform after that many operating hours. The left and right sides of the screen were 'different' shades of white . . . sort of blue-green color giving a white screen a 'tint' in the 4:3 area. This shows that early plasmas can get permanent IR changes from viewing 4:3 material w/o gray side-panels after 10 years..
Originally Posted by LowerFE View Post

Power supply I can understand, but boards? I thought computer chips are designed to be run 24/7 without problems. I'm watching TV like 2 hours a day. That should be nothing for the chips.

Yes, the chips will do fine but the capacitors will dry up and cause power supply failures. That's the difference between a Pio and Panny b/c of the better parts that Pio used. But my Pio was $10,000 at the time . . .so it should be built to last.
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Long live the triniton biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by pokekevin View Post

Long live the triniton biggrin.gif
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Meh, i was a hardcore Sony enthusiast for many years, but then my 1990 $1,200 27" Trinitron blew it's power supply in 1992, then in 1993 it blew a video board. All of my other Sony stuff from the early 80's through the early 90''s was similarly short lived as well so i now avoid the brand as much as possible. It's a pity - they used to be the best but those days are long gone.

When Sony was making Plasma TVs, they were very unreliable, expensive to repair, and failed so much that the supplies of replacement parts started drying up within a year or two of the TV's release. Part of that problem was that they sourced the Plasma panel module from Samsung though.

I don't expect much out of modern electronics nowadays no matter how good the manufacturer's reliability record is - i supply quality name brand electronic components to electrical and low voltage contractors and the failure rate on just about everything seems to be around 5%. When i talk to my technician friends at the BMW dealerships they say the vast majority of warranty repairs in their service bays are electronic failures, not mechanical like in the old days.

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I had mixed results with some of the TVs Ive purchased in the past, All of them Sony CRTs.

27" KV-27FS13 After about 5 years it developed a nasty convergence error in upper half of screen, uncorrectable in service menu.
32" 32HS510 Lasted 3 1/2 years then the "B" board went out, wouldn't turn on anymore and shop wanted a lot of money to fix.
34" 34XBR960 Going on 6 1/2 years and still works fine, Great picture.

PC monitors (Sony as well):
19" G400 Latest about 6 years and then failed to power on, I guess that's not a terrible lifespan.
21" G520P Lasted a little over 3 years and then failed to turn on anymore ,screen was starting to have a red tint a few months before the failure.
24" FW900 Lasted 8 years and then flyback transformer failed and possibly other damage during the failure (It made some pretty nasty sounds), I still haven't found a modern PC LCD that I like better than this one, excellent CRT all around.

Anyhow currently my main TV is a Pioneer Kuro 5080HD Plasma going on 4 years & 6 months @ 18,644 hours and still working great .
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