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HDMI Splitter?

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I am thinking of purchasing an HDMI splitter for recording my gameplay on the xbox 360, my setup i'm thinking of having is this:

Xbox 360> HDMI splitter (Input via HDMI cord)
HDMI splitter output1> LCD monitor-DVI-D (Input via HDMI to DVI-D cord)
HDMI splitter output2> Capture card-HDMI (Input via HDMI to HDMI cord)

Now the main concern i'm having is if the HDMI splitter can handle the HDMI to DVI-D because I purchased the Blackmagic Intensity Pro a while ago and it didn't work HDMI to DVI-D because something about the BMI pro didn't output RGB signal or something...

So i'm wondering if this splitter:

Will this setup work?

Also will the HDMI splitter cause Input lag?
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I don't know if this will answer your question, but I believe it should work.
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Ya, I know HDMI to DVI-D works directly from the xbox 360 to the LCD monitor but I don't know if it will work if I try to go HDMI to DVI-D from the HDMI splitter
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ya it works, a friend has his set up this way and it works fine with a monoprice switch.
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