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Pioneer VSX-820-K NO SOUND!

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Hooking this up as a favor for a friend. He only has two speakers (no surround) and is using the AVR primarily becaus eof HDMI switching, Sirius, iPod, etc.

The setup is below...

HD-DVD -> HDMI -> AVR (Pioneer 820) -> HDMI -> Panny Plasma
Cable Box -> HDMI ->

here's my problem: I got everything hooked up and I got a great picture but NO SOUND!

I changed out: new speakers, new speaker cables, new HDMI cables, I changed the AVR's speaker switch to A, B, A+B. I tried surround, and stereo, I tried RCA L/R for sound (at this point, I wasn't sure if the HDMI carried sound)....nothing worked!

Someone had run off with the instruction manual and I looked it up only but it was a little difficult to peruse.

Is the amp in the receiver out?? Is it because I only had the front L/R & no surround? BTW, I also tried the B speaker posts...nothing worked
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Link to user's manual.

If you can hear audio from the tv then you'll need to turn off the audio pass through in the receiver. See page 39 in the manual.
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His TV is just a monitor (no speakers) but I checked the setting anyway....the audio pass was already off

I'm thinking it is a bum amp. I've set up plenty of these....it can't be that peculiar of a device that it won't mane a sound after all I've put it through.

It won't even do test tones.
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Have you tried using optical or coax for audio input? You'll need to assign the port you run the optical/coax to the hdmi port you are using. If that doesn't work you may need to return it.

Have you tried the radio? Thats the easiest to get working.
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I would also try the radio. But the unit might be defective.
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I did not do optical or coax. Since the setup is stereo only, I did do analog stereo out of the cable box....nothing

Also did try the radio...nothing.

Sent back. Gonna be embarassed if the replacement gives me issues and it turns out to be something simple that I didn't do on the first one.
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did you use signal select to tell the avr to use the analog connections for the audio, not the hdmi connection?

did you tell the cable box to send out whatever you wanted it to?
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Well ... if the radio don't work ...
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Originally Posted by ccotenj View Post


did you use signal select to tell the avr to use the analog connections for the audio, not the hdmi connection?

did you tell the cable box to send out whatever you wanted it to?

Yes. ONce the default of HDMI didn't work, I did all of those things without success.

Actually one of the last things I thought to do (should have thought of it earlier) were the test tones. When they didn't work, I figured that was the tell-tell sign of a bad amp (since I knew it wasn't the speakers at that point).
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Same problem, just got it all set up and no sound, not even a test signal. Video pass through works fine. I keep thinking theres some option to check but I think I've tried everything. Wondering if OP got the new model in and it worked or if he tried a different brand?
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So here was the problem, I wanted to use optical to send audio from the pc to the receiver and have the hdmi connected straight to the tv (for 3D). When I had connected the hdmi to the receiver and tried video pass through the sound was still not working because I had optical out set on the pc. When I switched audio out to HDMI I suddenly had 5.1! (but no 3d)

This leads me to believe I have a bad optical cable. The pc is telling me its sending a signal through it, but the receiver is telling me theres no source. When there is no optical source on the input it flashes its name for a minute, in this case "digital" and then switches to analog.
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Brand new out of the box with a bad amp. I tried everything, spent hours.
The key clue was the test sound of the speaker setup, was not there.
I returned it and in minutes had the replacement working.
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So just got my 820 hooked up to my tv and to test things out I decided to run Office Space on PS3 through it. ok, got video after turning on the receiver but no sound. I thought one of the features was the receiver did not have to be on to watch and listen to the tv. Now my wife is looking at me funny wondering WTF. And I am now wondering the same about the receiver. Looks like I will now have to take the tv off the wall and run an optical cable to the receiver to get sound outside of running the speakers full time. Any help.
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man, i don't know if you still need the help, but if you do, just press 'receiver' and then '0' (which is also the speaker button) on the remote.. In my understanding, u've got the same problem I had for over a year. My previous 'solution' was just to unplug all the cables and change them to another source that was working. Once I ran out o sources, i had to find the real solution, with was pretty simple, but pretty hard to find...

hope it was useful.
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hello, new pioneer vsx 822k was working fine till yesterday, today stopped giving sound. tried all the inputs and output, when set the HDMI to THROUGH the sound goes to the TV, but no sound when AMP selected. so sound from net radio, no sound from airplay or any input. please help guys.
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Hello!  Same receiver, same problem here.  I fell asleep watching TV.  When I woke up the volume wasn't working at all.  I took it in for warranty repair and they said nothing was wrong with it, as if I must have had the Speaker button off.  I had a hard time believing that but I didn't immediately test it to see that was indeed true.  I let it sit unhooked for 9 months until just now.  It's in a family vacation home so it barely gets any use.  Now the warranty expired and still no sound.  Did a full reset.   No test tones from the MCACC.  Pioneer wasn't helpful on the phone.  You think Best Buy would give in and try to save a customer?

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