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Need help solving problem of monitor in Town and Country with Swivel Seats

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So we are going crazy trying to figure out the best and most cost effective way of installing navigation and DVD in our '08 Town and Country. We are planning on buying the Kenwood DNX-5160. We understand that, among other things, this has both navigation and DVD player. We like this system a lot. We have one problem and a few questions. We cannot figure out how to get in overhead monitors (note: not overhead DVD player) Ideally we would like to install monitors within the already existing overhead console. The dealer charges $3500 at best for these two monitors. Is there a way we could do this and get our kenwood to transmit to them? Anyone heard anything interesting, creative, or just something that none of the people we have talked to have heard? If we couldn't get the overhead monitors we would settle for headrest monitors. Our main concern is that we have swivel seats. Does this work with swivel seats? The guy at best buy said no but I think he's just talking out his, you know... if we were able to get these (though we hope to figure out the overhead) could the Kenwood transmit to it fine?

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You sound like you're talking about wireless systems when you use the word "transmit" and as far as I know there are no wireless features of this nature on the Kenwood (or any other).

There is usually a WIRED output for an extra monitor and you simply run the wire up the roof pillar to the roof mounted monitor. If you wish to run more than ONE extra monitor then you will need to run the Kenwood output to a splitter/amplifier first, then to your monitors.

You CAN put headrest monitors on swivel seats... just so long as the seats don't swivel more than 360 degrees. Just leave a bit of slack in the cable under the seat and use coiled spring cord as opposed to the regular cable.

I run 4 extra monitors off of my JVC head unit... (one in the roof and the others in the headrests) with no issues... but you DO need the splitter/amp.
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Thank you so much for your reply!

Yea I guess I do not mean transmit, not that I can find the correct word.

It is good news that I can do headrest monitors if I cannot find something for the top of the car. My main problem is that the town and country has an overhead unit. The only problem is that where the monitors would usually be, we have storage bins. I want to replace the storage bins with some kind of monitor without spending the $3500 that the dealer wants. I cannot figure out how to do this.

Like this:

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Well you can start by having a look through here:


As for price tags.... it all depends if you do the work yourself or not. Usually the hardware is not that expensive.... it's the labor that costs big time in these custom jobs. Do it yourself and you can save a fortune (but you can also end up COSTING yourself money if you don't know what you're doing)

Measure the size of your existing roof console and see if you can find a set of slim monitors that can be fitted into it. If not then then look at the pre-fabbed roof models. You can also look at the idea of placing monitors into the back sides of the sun visors (I did that in my last vehicle)
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Did you ever find a way for this? I am trying to do the same exact thing, and I cannot find a way around it. Everyone says, do the headrest monitors, but I would rather have it in the existing ceiling console.
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