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Yes, audio will pass through to the projectors speakers when connected with HDMI cable. Update...it's been awhile 9 months with the iSival..still working great, no problems to report

Over the last few months I've managed to improve the image quality quite noticeably by doing a few things. First I purchased proper window blinds and have a much darker room than ever before..Imediatley I notice a much imroved black level and overall picture...got that wow factor all over again..lol...Also through lots of experimentaion, COOL color mode seems the best..It offers perfect grey levels from white to black without any GREEN TINGE at all..not even a hint of it..so dark content is devoid of the issue..I solved this while playing DEAD SPACE PC game..Alot of GREEN in dark areas under Normal and STANDARD modes...caused me to really look into it and find a solution..I did..However, it would be great to get the green tinge removed in other modes such as Normal and Data since DATA will output more lumens.
The one thing I currently will experiment with is the HDMi pixel format settings..I installed new drivers that allow me to select from 4 choices all under 720p..Before I could only select 2 under the same screen resolution..so the updated ATi Videocard driver fixed this..And one last thing..ATi driver in video playback settings has a dynamic contrast ratio option setting..when enabled this helps the iSival in one particular way, it will dynamically boost dark scenes a bit..resulting in much better image detail that would otherwise be lost due to the contrast ratio...Very handy feature but only works with Windows Media player and other direct show players. Still some people may prefer to turn it off..it highly depends on the video content. You do get much nicer black levels with ATi Dynamic option turned off...
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It's been awhile my projector is still working without any problems even after a whole year
Since I cannot post in the rumors forums I will post this here. I contacted iSival through email, and briefly mentioned about the Quimi and other LED projectors coming to market soon, asked if I should wait it out a bit to see what they might bring..this is the response..

quote "Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your information.

We noticed Vivitek's TI DLP based projector, it is a nice projector.
Our 400 lumen projector design was demoed on Computex this June, and
we are working on a new LENs design, which is to improve the energy

So while not much info it tells us that we will have another option hopefully this year or next year. The thing is this is likely 1080p native, because it was what the guy told me about half a year ago through email. The question is what will be the display tech? DLP LCOS etc..

I thought about getting a Quimi, but with more projectors on the way real soon, I'm going to wait it out longer...
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400 lumens would be great, as well as 10,000:1 contrast.

Can't find any mention of it at computex though.
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Any new info on the rumored 1080p led projector?
It's been awhile, just wondering if anyone has heard, read, seen anything?
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