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Originally Posted by variance View Post
Q-mini HD-720p-Speaker
Mini projector on the side.

Maybe I can do a comparison with the isival version as my coworker just offered me 350 for this one. (I got it on ebay for much less)
Would you happen to have the ebay link available or the name of seller? A search for Q mini comes up empty. Thanks!
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The latest news from Pico / Micro projector manufacturer AAXA is the M2 Micro Projector. Here are the stated specifications:

*110 lumens (above the 60 lumens being offered by the iSival MP720B1
*2000 to 1 contrast ration (much better then iSival at 200 to 1)
*HDMI, VGA, Video / Audio inputs (for ipods etc.) (Same as iSival)
*XGA resolution 1024 x 768 (iSival is true HD at 1280 x 786)
*The M2 list for $369.00 (iSival is $499.99) a $140 savings!
*The M2 LED lamp will last 15K hours, the iSival will last 30K hours

I messaged back and forth with a person at AAXA and found out that this 1lb projector will show HD content in 16x9 aspect ration at 1025 by 525 resolution (not true HD but pretty good considering the other factors of lumen, contrast ration and Price).

I have decided to go ahead and purchase this projector and see how well it does. Although the iSival has been awarded decent reviews by Projector Central I think, if the AAXA M2 projector hold to its specifications it should look better, (brighter, more vivid contrast) then the iSival. If not I will return it and purchase the iSival projector.

Again, I plan on purchasing this new entry on Dec 3 and I will of course share impressions and photos of this projectors abilities!

Wish me luck. It does seem that these once novelty projectors are coming into their own.
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That does seem like a very nice projector, too bad it was not out much sooner. The specs are similar to the LG HX300 in many ways but at a much cheaper price, I wonder how it compares. It should look better than the iSival like you say, but why did they stop at 1024x768 and not go at least to 1280x720? They would sell a lot of these units if they would offer 16:9 native aspect ratio with true high definition video. The downside is the lower native resolution, and the maximum projected image size of 100 inches vs iSival's 132 inches. Also the LED lifespan is rated at 15,000 hours, half the iSival, while it is brighter the lifespan worries me a bit, it makes me wonder if they are simply over driving the LED's to achieve the higher lumen output..thus reducing their lifespan. Still I think people should consider this if they are in the market for a mini projector.
Based on my observations, market trends, my next projector purchase I have decided has to be 1080p LED. I'm going to wait it out, I will not settle for anything less than full HD for my next projector purchase. I have a feeling the market will flood with LED units in a few years time.
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Yes, I wish it were at least 720P BUT it is almost equal to the LG HX300 (though not as bright) and since it has HDMI I figured, the better brightness, contrast counts for something. I used my DELL XGA for HD viewing and it looked pretty good (when that crappy projector was working but that's another story). I am not one of the those super fussy videophiles who has to spend $10,000 on a JVC projector - my Sanyo, plv-z3 would seem ancient to anyone who bought a home theater projector in the last 3 years but it had an excellent pix and was very watchable. At this price, I can buy this and use it until they do come out with a fairly inexpensive 720p or even 1080P LED projector and not feel that I wasted money on it. I always thought $800 + for the LG HX300 was an outrageous price especially since you could buy an XGA bulb projector and two extra bulbs for that amount of money and have a much brighter projector! Anyway, I have decided to order the AAXA M2 today and I will be reporting on it soon!

ADDED on Thursday 10-18-10:

Part of the reason I am willing to buy this projector (or even the Sival) is because after 10 years of have some sort of projector for home TV viewing (ranging from an Infocus 800 x 600 to a Sanyo 720P) I got very use to having a big screen - especially to watch movie (and as beautiful as my Samsung 47" 1080P LCD is - it is not a 80", 90" or 100" screen experience). I have been without a projector for over 2 years (Sanyo needed a new bulb AND it had burnt and discolored polarizers - whatever that means) and I miss it terribly, but because of limited funds I have not been able to replace it until now. Both of these projectors represent a potentially decent projector with a long lasting bulb at less then $500 and they are within my means and don't carry the additional worry of having to lay out $250 to $400 for an expensive bulb when the one it came with dies out after only a few thousand hours.
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Just got the projector. I have only used it a bit but I must say I am impressed! I was originally afraid I was paying $470 for a toy but this projector is no toy!

First of all - it is plenty bright! It projected an 85" (diagonal) image on my screen (the largest it can get with my room's width of 12'). and there was sunlight coming through the windows and a single room light on and it was still very watchable. When I turned the light down and pulled the shutters it was very bright.

Second, it give much more control over the images then the promos or the manual would suggest. You can invert the image both up/down and left/right in order to rear project or ceiling mount. When playing back a video from the on-board memory you can control saturation, brightness, contrast and there is even keystone correction.

Third, I was not able to discern any noticeable screen door effect (something I could see on both my Sanyo LCD at 720P and my Infocus DLP at 800 by 600). The image was colorful and smooth with plenty of contrast and depth.

Now there are just my initial impressions. I have yet to connect it to my blu-Ray player and see how 720P looks through this little wonder. In a dark room I would have no problem going to the full 100" and have a very bright image. My current room is only going to allow about an 85" (diagonal) image but this is still plenty home theater for me!

I have 2 new HDMI cables on order, they should arrive on Monday so I will be able to judge the image from the blu-ray and /or satellite receiver.

Again, my overall first impressions are very positive! Though this projector only weighs in at a pound (not including the power brick) its image quality and attributes are outstanding. If I had to offer a criticism it would be the small remote, the somewhat confusing menu system and a manual that seems incomplete (if does not detail the projectors ability to correct keystone, adjust color and brightness and contrast or its ability to be used for both ceiling and or rear projection) but in truth they are a minor complaints about a projector that, so far, seems well worth the $370 I paid for it. It is almost as good as the LG HX300 and less then half the price. I certainly suspect this might prompt LG to reduce it price or be defeated by AAXA!

11/22/10 UPDATE:

I have not received the HDMI cables yet (due tomorrow) but I do have an additional issue (and its personal more then the projector). I am a big guy with big hands and this projector is small (about the size of three bars of soap) and as such the connectors (especially the VGA which is mini to regular) are tiny and hard to use. luckily the HDMI is regular size but I would have appreciated a full size VGA as well. More to follow when I finally get the HDMI cables...
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I like the iSival but will look at the M2.

A non mercury long lasting bulb is important but equally important is how efficient the iSival is. It typical power usage is on 30W. The Optima HD20 is 254-308 Watts. That's huge! In reality one bulb and a couple years electrical usage and the thing is paid for.

I know some of the comments on here about them having a crappy image, etc. are from people used to higher end projectors. No doubt all of us would love to have something with the resolution, lumens and contrast ratio of and HD20 with the LED energy usage and lifetime for a $1,500 or less. But, it seems that product just doesn't exist. And some of us, including me, are still using an old CRT TV for an entertainment room. The best screen I have in my house is a Sylvania 19" LCD TV that I use mostly as my computer monitor. So why the bad comments? It is what it is and if it does an ok job and is affordable and better for the environment why knock it? This will be my first projector so do you want more people in the projector community or should I get an LCD TV?

The fact is that no matter what I buy it will be outdated probably sooner than later. Why spend big dough even on a nice 1080p projector when 3d is coming? Anyway, my .02.

I've had a couple of correspondence emails with iSival and emailed them again on the post here of when will their new projector come out and what specs/price it may have. I'll post if I hear back.
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I agree with the above poster, why spend a whole lot of money when better tech is just around the corner. I think the iSival or the M2 are good purchases for the price. The iSival is really a great gaming projector in my mind, it is my main display for that use. About the AAXA M2 how is the lens sharpness, is the image razor sharp from center to edges? Also do you see any noticeable rainbow effect at all, especially in video game. I have noticed with the iSival that VIVID, STANDARD, and Movie preset modes you can notice some artifacts because too much image sharpening in on by default..The solution is the use CUSTOM mode and use 25 or less sharpening, the result is a much more accurate looking, more detailed smother looking image. The sharpening issue was apparent on some content more than others, but it is distracting to me...Luckily like I said it can be easily resolved. I think any sharpening algorithm will always make images suffer, same as image scaling, people really should always input native resolutions and disable as much image processing as possible. I've experimented with the iSival for example with various input resolutions, only 1280x720 @60 hertz yields the best results, anything else you see image quality degradation. I am looking forward to see some more AAXA M2 reviews, I am curious how these mini projector can look on high gain screens. I'm thinking about getting the FAVI 120" matte white 1.3 gain projection screen, but undecided still....
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OK! I received the necessary HDMI cables today and was able to put the AAXA M2 through it paces. It only fare average I'm afraid...

First of all, it eventually handled the 16x9 image from my Dish HD Satellite fine (after some fiddling with different aspect ratio setting on the Dish receiver). But it did not work so well with my Magnovox Blu-ray player. I could get 16x9 but if the aspect ration was anything else, it was slightly squeezed (a major annoyance)! I never had this problem with any other projector, either my 16x9 Sanyo or my XGA Dell. I would ask those with experience in the iSival projector if then had any similar problems with aspect ratio (since the iSival is native 16x9)!

This really disappointed me since one of the main functions for this projector was to watch great, HD movies from the Blu-Ray player.

But there were other problems...

There is some sort of digital noise that seems to surround objects in the image with a digital artifact (I think this is sometimes called "ringing" but I could be wrong). It is distracting! It can be lessened by turning down the contrast but of course that take away some contrast (DUH!)! This problem use to exist on the Dell XGA had but never in its component HD mode.

let me reiterate some of the other issues I have with the projector. Small device with a human being with big hands becomes a fumbling nightmare. The HDMI cable is heavier then the projector. As I stated before, the MINI-VGA is tiny and difficult to deal with - with big hands. The remote is very confusing and not easy to read in low light (not that I was expecting a back-lit remote for this size and price projector but a bit better text color on the actual remote might have been helpful)! In addiction, the remotes menu system (and the projectors) is confusing and the manual is not very helpful at all except for basic stuff!

On the plus side...

The image from this LED projector is bright. In a light controlled room you can get the biggest image possible and it is extremely watchable. I dare to say it is almost as bright as my Sanyo PLV-Z3 which was rated at 900 lumens. Bright is not an issue with this projector at all.

The color rendition is good, and you have some control over it (warm, normal and cool).

I you wanted this projector specifically for gaming, or XGA computing, or even for watching Dish Satellite HD, it is fine.

BUT adjusting the aspect ratio is a pain WHEN it can be adjusted correctly at all.

You probably could not ask for a lighter or smaller projector. If it last the 15K hours it is definitely a steal; no worry about those expensive bulbs!

I'm still deciding what I will do, if I will keep it or send it back (20% restocking fee is definitely a bother)!!! I will make a decision after I have set the projector up in a semi-permanent situation and can do some more indepth testing. Perhaps some of the issue I have presented above can be worked out. Will keep you posted!
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Can you see text pretty clearly with the iSival? Like if you put a spreadsheet up does it look good from top to bottom side to side?

My concern is with a poster a few pages back, (Mikey I think), that posted a picture showing how the LG's mouse pointer wasn't blurry but the iSival was. I emailed iSival with that and they said "There is a little blur at the corner of projection screen due to the high resolution and 16:9 design."

I thought that was nuts at first but doing some research it seems that something called "pin-cushion" exists in most all projectors so that the corners can be blurry. I guess that's the way it is but Mikey's issue was blurry on the top and bottom. I found on projectorcentrals website: "One common flaw - curved-field distortion - will show up as an inability to keep uniform focus across the image. The center may look sharp, but one or more edges may be soft."

So, I emailed iSival on it and they said: "This projector is ideally for movie and game, just as you can compare the picture between LG and ours in this forum. The blur would make you uncomfortable when display small text, so it is really depends on your application."

I guess I would want to use this more for web surfing and computer work than I would TV and movies especially if it gets outdated next year. I figure, if I have to replace it, I could still use it as a monitor.

Anyway, how does yours do? Thank you for the help. This site is cool and definitely helps a newbie like me.

BTW - I've gotten probably five emails from iSival today which is very impressive to me. I like this machine and the company seems pretty good.
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My AAXA M2 certainly seems clear across the entire screen. It is also native XGA and work great as a monitor for a computer. I find that the lcos chips create less Screen Door Effect then either LCD (the worst at it) and DLP (better then LCD). In fact, when I get a sharp focus and walk over to the screen I can not see individual cells at all, the image is very smooth (unlike both LCD and DLP). It was one of the reason I was interested in both the iSival and the AAXA M2.

My only real disappointment with the M2 is that it has some "aspect ratio" problems (from my blu-Ray player some of the DVD look squished - you know tall and thin as opposed to the other extreme of 4 x 3 looking fat and dquat)!
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After your posts earlier I looked at the M2 but couldn't find much on it yet. I hope the iSival works out and isn't blurry too but who knows. What size screen did you setup?

They couldn't give me any specs on the iSival coming out next year which I understand. The other poster on it said that it would have more lumens and be quieter. As my grandpa always said I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground but I believe that lumen output and contrast have to be directly related. So I would imagine that the new machine will have more lumens, better contrast and less noise for probably the same price. More lumens mean more power requirement but not a lot. I doubt that it'll be anything but 720p but that may come in two years if I had to guess. And, it'll probably be released in August as that is when I think the current model was.

I bring that all up cause I am trying to decide to either get it now or wait. I'm ok with getting it now and maybe getting a 1080p one in a couple of years but $250 a year is a lot of money, I think, to spend on a TV. So I'd want to use it for my computer monitor in my future small man cave and if it's blurry for spreadsheets, etc. then it would not have any value to me at that point.
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I'd really like the iSival to work with text/spreadsheets/web etc. I'd use it as much for a monitor as I would for TV/movies.

Since I heard it may not be good for computer work I've been considering the Casio XJ-A230. It has 1800:1 contrast, 2000 lumens and slightly better resolution than the iSival for $800. In it's best Eco mode it uses 130 Watts which is ok. It also has the 2X powered zoom, can be ceiling mounted which would be nice for me.

Do you know if the iSival uses Phlatlight and if it'd be good for text / computer work?

Thank you.
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If your primary use of a projector is for spreadsheet presentations, text documents etc, I would not recommend the iSival. Although small text across the entire screen is perfectly readible, text in far corners do appear softer, which would look unprofessional in a business type setting such as a company boardroom meeting. However for everday home use I wouldn't be too concerned at all. You can however try some ways to offset this issue. One way is to slightly defocus the center of the screen which will shift the focus more to the outer edges of the screen instead sharpening the outer text. This will more or less help even out most of the onscreen text. You can also just avoid the displaying of text alltogether in far corners of the screen as another option. Center your spreadsheets, create margins so that text does not appear at edges of the screen.
Despite the focusing issue, movie and video games look good, they are not impacted by this. I always use the projector for websurfing as well.
On a side note their is no pincussion effect at all. I have experienced pincussion effect with most CRT televisions and monitors I have owned in the past. The projected image on the iSival, that is the uniformity accuracy of the picture itself (geomety), is excellent!. Lines appear perfectly straight even on corners, circle test patterns look perfectly round too.
You can always wait for the next iSival to come out or other LED units, I'm sure there is going to be many improvements, the catch is you need patience to wait for these to come to market..
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Thank you Heeman, that helps. It's for home use but I do a lot of web surfing, finances, etc. on my PC some days all day long so I don't want to look at blur.

I rarely ever buy the latest and greatest and this would be the closest thing to it in it's category. The Casio is still and option but I'll probably get the iSival.

I think the new iSival will be brighter and have more contrast but I doubt it'll have the 1080 chip yet. Just a gut feeling.
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Bought the iSival and it's working better than I expected. Am sleeping over at my aunt's for Thanksgiving and I brought the iSival along with my laptop for entertainment. It's nice not having to be limited to my laptop's 13" screen for watching.
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OklahomaBear, based on the manual, the M2 seems to only have an HDMI 1.2 jack; this may or may not cause problems with your Blu-ray player. I'm also interested in the M2 but I'm going to be in SD land for the foreseeable future. OTOH, I'm curious about the signal quality you're getting from your satellite dish... are you getting the ringing from the HDMI jack?

As for the ringing, it's often the product of over sharpening after poor scaling. I seem to recall from the manual the M2 has a control for sharpening buried in it's menus.

The thing no one has asked about yet: how about the on-board media player? Is it displaying wide screen and ultra wide screen content properly? Exactly how many formats and codecs does it actually support, and how well does it support them? And last but not least, how well does it handle subtitles?
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Owners of the AAXA M2 should try to lower or disable all the sharpening in the projector's options menu to see if the artifacts mentioned go away..I'm pretty sure the "ringing" effect is due to that.
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Lowering the sharpness does dramatically decrease the "ringing". As far as the media aspect a 720P file plays perfectly (and looks good). I currently have the projector on a shelf about 35 inches from the floor and projected to a pull down white 100" screen. It is connected to my Dish HD DVR Receiver. I had to adjust the aspect to 4x3 type 2 which allow the content to be projected at a perfect 19x9. I am pleased with it as my main TV (replacing my 47" lcd). My Blu-ray is an older Magnovox model (no internet connection, etc.) so I suspect the inability to get the right aspect ratio might be that. As connect right now at about 12 ' I am getting a 78" image (diagonally) and it is very nice. Much brighter then I expected. Color rendition is good. As I play around with contrast, brightness, saturation etc. I am getting great results. I am not unhappy with this purchase (certainly NOT at $380 buxs)! Who know, if I fiddle with the blu-ray player maybe I can get at least the 16x9 stuff to play right. Obviously it has a great deal to do with how it is being sent to the project (since we know the Dish HD DVR Receiver can send it a certain way to correctly do 16x9). Again, I will keep you posted. Overall I am happy with the purchase (and n,t it not really up to home theater quality, BUT it also did not cost $1500 with $300 lamps to replace every 3000 or so hours)!
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looks like axaa makes the LG af115

* FullHD (1080P) resolution
* SXRD LCoS color fidelity
* 10-bit HQV video processor
* Dual HDMI v1.3 inputs
* Durable 1500 lumens lamp

MSRP: $3299 $2899
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Originally Posted by eat meat View Post

looks like axaa makes the LG af115

* FullHD (1080P) resolution
* SXRD LCoS color fidelity
* 10-bit HQV video processor
* Dual HDMI v1.3 inputs
* Durable 1500 lumens lamp

MSRP: $3299 $2899

Sounds wonderful, now where the hell to come up with the $2900 for it! I am hoping, eventually, LG or AAXA or Sival or another manufacturer will make a 1080P LED projector with at least 4000:1 contrast ratio and at least 300 Lumens (and hopefully under $1000). That would be perfect for home theater and would have the added advantage of a bulb that lasts 15k to 50K hours! I'm sure this projector is on its way - I bet we have it in a year or so...
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It will probably be a hybrid like the casio laser/led.I have the 240,2500 lumens,720p and no bulbs and at 850ish$!!!
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How do you like your 240? I'm thinking of getting a 230 or iSival. I wonder how the 240 can produce more lumens but have the same power ratings in all modes as the 230?

Do you get much rainbow effect?
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I have a toshiba with 500 hrs on a bulb 1024x768 2500 lmn dlp in the same room right now and the casio is just so much beter in color and brightness.I have never seen rainbows (on hundreds of projectors)so I probably never will.
Some interesting vids
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I just ordered a m2,funny I had to go elseware the website(A of M)was first at kept pukeing out the order O well they missed out (6 speakers also!) the 800 number was unmaned on cyber monday......
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so I received a isival unit today.. to compare to the q-mini 720p led projector I got off of ebay.

The isival seems to have more features/adjustable modes and I like it's build quality better.

On the firmware screens, the isival's denotes nov or dec 2009 software.
The q-mini 720p denoted April 2010. I'm curious as to what platform or "engine" these portable projectors have in common and whether they orient from the same manufacturer or whether the design is simply copied.

as for image quality... i haven't had them side-by-side yet. I gave the q-mini to a cousin as a wedding gift and haven't visited him to do the comparison.. but from memory it seems the "isival" doesn't have a "text" mode unless that's what "data" color temp is supposed to be.

The Text mode on the q-mini made text a bit more clearer then what I'm getting with user & normal / color temp @ cool.

also.. the fan is just as noisy.. maybe noiser (could be wrong since I don't have the q-mini at the moment to do direct comparison with)
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Originally Posted by eat meat View Post

I just ordered a m2,funny I had to go elseware the website(A of M)was first at kept pukeing out the order O well they missed out (6 speakers also!) the 800 number was unmaned on cyber monday......

Good luck with that! Let me know how it works out for you. I am now using mine pretty exclusively to watch HD TV from my Dish HD DVR. I have it on for all my evening of TV watching Also, I can watch 4x3 aspect ratio videos on the blu-ray player (I have many old classic horrors movies like Dracula, Frankenstein etc.) and they play fine without any distortion. all other aspect ratios however do not play correctly! I still suspect it is my older blu-ray player and a new one probably would work! I will probably get a new one withing the next 6 months or so!
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oklahoma, does the aspect problem happen with a regular dvd player?

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Originally Posted by victor-eyd View Post

oklahoma, does the aspect problem happen with a regular dvd player?


I don't know but I do have my old HDMI UP-convert regular DVD player and I will break it out and test it in the next day or so.
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The projector continues to be wonderful as a replacement for my LCD-TV set (I have my Dish HD DVR hooked up to the AAXA M2 -HDMI- and the results are spectacular) I use it about 3 to 10 hours a night depending on the night! The color is excellent and the contrast is much better then I would have expected; there is no digital pattern in dark scenes as there was with my NEC LT170 (it only had a 1000:1 ratio)! SYFY's Stargate Universe (a very dark TV program) was all there in great detail! I forgot that having a big image makes ordinary TV look special and special TV looks amazing!

Sorry, I still have not dragged down my old DVD player to see how it and the M2 do with wide aspect ratio (but soon, I promise)!

Have considered the following set up:

The AAXA M2 for all my regular off the satellite TV Viewing. (Great long life bulb is perfect for the TV viewing)!

I will purchase a ACER H5360 720P projector (Cost: about $600 including all tax/shipping) for all blu-ray playback (this would only be between 4 to 8 hours a week) so both projectors would last a long time with their prospective connections and I can have a home theater as I like it!

PS: even with this two projector set up I am spending less then $1000.00 (all my PJ before this cost a minimum of $1999.00)and getting great presentation for both TV and HD movies from my Blu-Ray!
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I have been using a micro jem tuner for over the air and plugged it in several pc via hdmi and dvi .It plays mkv files also really well on a 4 gig card (pirates all over are beeming)This would be great for a student in a dorm.the remote seems to work from the front and back for me but that may be reflections.The warning on the packing bag was disapointing, pro longed time plugged in in standby "may adversely affect the micro imager panel". And the cooling fans are kinda loud.
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