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Last week I installed the Pioneer 1020 receiver bougth with the Klipsch HD 1000 bundle... at first everything was perfect... tha sound and image was really excellent... but then it began to have NO SOUND... what I´ve done is to run the autoconfig tool and once again everything was normal...but then again the problem presented and cannot correct it with the autoconfig... worst of all the unit freezes and have to push the power button for a while until it shuts down... I´ve called the service support and they said that the hdmi control was affecting the receiver..and turn it off and voila... once again the sound began to work... the next sound comes out of the speaker once again... I´ve checked all the speaker connections, disconnect the TV hdmi control and theres nothing wrong... I´m thinking of sending the unit for repair..buit I´ve doubt that posiibly the unit is good and that could be another problem.. could anyone help?..
Receiver 1020 k
TV - Sharp aquos
BD - Pionner