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Sharp LC-60LE810UN Problem

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I just bought a Sharp Aquos Quattron 60 inch LED/LCD TV. After getting the thing out of the box and setting it up I started in with this issue. I use directv as my service provider, all of the HD stations that broadcast in 16:9 look outstanding. My problem comes into play when I turn to a non-HD channel that broadcasts in 4:3...there are also a few stations that are non-HD and broadcast in 16:9 that have my issue. The problem is a small, white, flickering line at the top of the screen. This ONLY happens at the top of the screen. Can anyone give me any insight as to how to fix this? I called Sharp and they blame it on the HD receiver/HDMI cable (I replaced both and no luck). I spoke to a high end audio store and they stated it may be the fact that they used a junky processor in this particular TV? PLEASE HELP!!

Thank you
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Hold down number 5 on your remote for 8 seconds
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Since I don't have this TV, I am unsure what holding down number 5 will do. What you are seeing is noise from the lines normally not displayed between frames. There are scan lines that are not meant to be displayed which carry information about synch and even the closed captioning display. These look like noise when displayed and appear as a black line with moving white dots and bars inside it. This is due to the fact that your TV has very little "overscan." That is most TVs will have a few lines top and bottom which are cut off so that this noisy information is not displayed. It is not a problem with your display per se, nor is it necessarily a problem with DirecTV equipment. I also have DirecTV and occasionally see it on SD programming from a few of the OTA locals. Technically, the problem is with the transmission because these lines should never be visible.

There is probably a way to set overscan on your TV so that this disappears. In my case, I have set the overscan to only 2%, and it is no longer visible.

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Your TV is not set to do overscan and displaying the signal in dot-by-dot mode. It is completely normal.
You may play with picture size/aspect settings to do a slight overscan. I actually prefer dot-by-dot mode all the time (even if it means seeing these extra lines)
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I have my TV set to "dot-by-dot". Do you see the flickering lights as well? Mine is not so much a subtle line, its probably a 1 inch tall line across the top that flashes in anywhere from 3 inch lengths to 30+ inch lengths.

what does holding down the number 5 do?
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Overscan was originally meant to compensate for picture shrinkage on the old crt sets of the 50s. Broadcasters, knowing that sets had overscan, weren't always consistent in centering thier pictures and still aren't.

Take the set out of dot by dot mode and a small amount of overscan will take place and eliminate your problem. That mode could be useful if the set's being used as a computer display or when watching Blu Ray, but not for watching broadcast tv.
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HEY...guys pls help...i have this tv for one year ...now the tv wont turn on blinking led..only no power..
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