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Routering speaker recess

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I am going to build a set of Tritrix in the near future and have a question. How do I go about making a nice looking recess for the speaker to set in with a router? I see your projects and I am just amazed at the high quality work you are all doing and was hoping for some direction.
Thanks for any and all help.
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There are two ways that I know to create the recess.

1) With a plunge router and circle jig cut the recess area around the driver. Then you can cutout the driver opening on the inside edge of the recess you created.

2) Cut the opening needed for driver to pass through and then use a rabbet router bit around the outside of the circle to create the desired recess.

There are probably other ways people will chime in with too.
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You first route the outer circle dimensions of the drivers. Only go down the depth of the driver edge so that they will sit flush.

Then route the inner circle which is usually 1/2 to 3/4 inch less then the outer circle.

Driver dimensions are in the documents and those will allow you to figure it all out.
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You can either buy or make yourself a router jig that allows you to cut circles to whatever diameter you want to.



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Thank you for the input. I guess where I am stumped is that the holes I will be making are most likely smaller than the router base of my dads plunge router. The Tritrix plans show you make the recess area a 5 3/4" area and the cut out an inch smaller. If I can figure a way to simply get the absolute outside dimension recessd the rest doesnt really matter as I could router it willy nilly as it will be cut out anyway.
Again thanks a mil for the help so far =)
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The size of the hole doesn't have anything to do with the size of the router base. You can make the hole as small as the diameter of the router bit. Any one of the jigs should be able to get you down to a small hole.
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Here is one of the commercial circle cutting jigs, they also make a smaller version. It is mounted to the base of the router. You drill a 1/8 hole at the center of the hole you want to cut. If you look at the jig there are 100 or so 1/8 holes labeled by the resulting diameter if you use it as the pivot point.

You use the provided steel pin and pivot the router to cut the circle. You don't need a plunge router you can just turn it on and let it sink in. Practice on scrap wood first.

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Thanks all =)
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If you have questions about how to get the right size holes I mentioned the bit I used and the specific jig hole used to get the resulting diameter for the driver recesses and holes. Search for tritrix woohoo
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