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New Sony Blu-ray Player--BDP-S770

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While looking through sonystyle.com I noticed a new Sony Blu-ray player, the BDP-S770. Has anyone heard about this blu-ray player?

As Sony no longer appears to produce their ES line of blu-ray players, is the 770 equivalent to the next generation of the es1000? I believe Sony sold the es1000 overseas as the BDP-S760.
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Can someone tell me the difference between these two blue ray players (Sony S550 and Sony S770). I've searched around and haven't found what the differences are...and I'd like to know before I buy one.
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Originally Posted by R3D Leader View Post

Can someone tell me the difference between these two blue ray players (Sony S550 and Sony S770). I've searched around and haven't found what the differences are...and I'd like to know before I buy one.

+1 I'd like to know as well.
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Sure one is better than the other hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by _thx1138_ View Post

Sure one is better than the other hope that helps!

Interesting theory. But seriously...any spec differences would be appreciated.
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try this link for a comparison of the 550 against the 770 as it is not sold here. For detailed specs on the 770 look here
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Originally Posted by Sila1999 View Post

try this link for a comparison of the 550 against the 770 as it is not sold here. For detailed specs on the 770 look here

Not sure about the S550 (is that the Australian nomenclature for S570 here in the states?) but according to you link to the S770 it has
iPhone/iPod Touch controls Blu-ray Discâ„¢ functions
(& my local Best Buy states that the S770 comes with the 3D version of ...Meatballs). Also from your link
Local Storage for BD-Live NO
So to sum up, the S770 comes with a 3D Blu in the box, iPhone support (ok why would this NOT work with a S570) & loses the Gig of on board memory, all for 300 bucks (list, though BB has it on sale for .249.00)
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The S770 has a lighted remote per Sony Canada rep. vs the S570.

Not really sure of any other differences.
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My A/V dealer (a drug dealer would probably be cheaper....but maybe not as much fun!) just called and I should be picking my S770 up if not today, then tomorrow. I got it mostly for the multi channel SACD capability via HDMI to a Yamaha 861 receiver. I will check out the video (presently using a BDP-S760 that is great) but I think it will pose a problem getting 24p to my PRO-111FD through the Yamaha as there seems to be no way to force 24p, only auto (auto does not work with the 760, but 24p can be forced). I will update when I get a chance to check it out.

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phannon I believe auto reads the edid of the yammy and sets picture to 1080i. It does on mine so I have forced both 1080p and 24p. This way my blu-rays play properly. Unfortunately my pio can no longer do 72hz for dvds (expects 480i) which is why I use a pio dvd player which has source direct unlike the Sonys (very stupid move if you ask me).

I'd be interesting to hear your comparison on the two players.
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The 770 is in house. It is a nice player, but the new players are so light and flimsy...I remember the old S7000 and 999ES DVD players, built like tanks, but rather expensive. Even the S500 seemed better built...e.g. heavier and more substantial looking. Up here in Canada, we do not have the option of the ES plyers, no 1000ES and I doubt if we will see the 1700ES.

The remote is backlit for the main player keys and the home, menu, etc. buttons. I wanted the player mostly for multichannel SACD (I have a Pioneer D9 stereo only SACD player that I will use for stereo) and it seems to work well with the Yamaha 861 delevering 5.1 DSD via HDMI. I haven't really listened yet, only confirmed operation. There are on multichannel analogue outputs. The DSD can be set to pass DSD or convert to some flavour of PCM via HDMI (the default).

As to video...I will have to keep using my S760 for video as when passing through the Yamaha, the S770 cannot be forced to pass 24P on to my Pro-111FD. The settings will only deliver 1080p 60 not 1080p 24. THe S760 has three options in the 24P set up, Auto, on and off. The S770 only has 2 options Auto and off. Auto sees the Yamaha and will not do 24 only 60 (even though the Yamaha will indeed pass 24). There is an option in the resolution page for "original" in addition to auto, 480i, 480p etc.. I thought this might pass 1080p 24 from a bul-ray (as it is the "original" recorded format) but no such luck.

So, all in all, it works for it's intended porpose for me, but video is a no go for me. I would have rather ony needed to use one player but in my case mit will not be possible. If sony had put on 2 HDMI like some SD players or left in the 24p ON option!
There is no point in doing video comparisons at the moment as I want 24p.

Hope this is useful information.

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Going to pick up one of these, but for the life of me, I can not find what the difference is.. Warranty??
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If anyone wants Sony to add SACD track listing on the front display panel, please contact them.
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My new S770 is also in the house!

Very nicely designed. The menu system is fairly concise and easy to navigate. The inlcuded Monster House 3D-BD is VERY nice on my now ancient 1080i Bravia. Best picture I've ever seen thru that TV.

I do own SACD's, but haven't tried them yet. Obviously I have more testing to do, but so far, this is a really really nice unit.

Oh, and getting the unit to cdonnect to my wireless network was a breeze! This is my first Internet-ready HT device and I'm still sitting here laughing that my Blu-Ray player is smarter than my PC! Having trouble downloading new code though... It goes through 3/9 updates, then says the connection was lost... try again later.

Only thing I can't figure out, is how to get the movie to continue from where it left off once the player is shut off, or put into pause mode until it shuts off... My other player was smart enough to remember where it left off....
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Just for information, there is no 3D-BD included with the Canadian version (naturally!). As I indicated in my previous post, I will only use the player for multichannel SACD, at which it is doing a very nice job with the discs I have tried so far. I will not need any of the wi-fi, downloading or internet ability so no comment on those. One thing that does bug me (besides the previously mentioned loss of forced 24p) is the fact that the deck powers down after 30 minutes of inactivity. I am not sure if it will shut down if there is a disc in the player, but if you turn it on to let the electronics warm up.....30 min. and it powers down. I like to let my equipment idle along and warm up before "critical" listening for maybe an hour or longer (or until I am ready for the experience). As far as I can figure out, it is not defeat able.....other than that, so far so good. One other note ...the remote codes are the same as for my S-760. My 999ES DVD players were switchable between 3 different "flavours" of IR. That was a handy option to have, but I guess the players are so inexpensive now that those nice feature are gone....maybe the 1700ES (no sign of this one in Canada though) will have this.

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is this player supposed to offer dvd similar to the 1000es or the 570?
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I've had this player for a week, and I'm really impressed with the streaming functions and picture quality.

However, I'm having problems navigating the extras menu for the BluRay of SE7EN. I'm not able to play any of the features with the exception of the production notes. Is anyone else also having this problem?

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This is my first Blu_Ray player I have owned so I cannot compare it to anything else. I do think the picture is amazing.

I had one issue when setting this up. I have a Denon 789 receiver and a Samsung LED TV. When I turned on the Blu Ray and watched it on the tv all was fine but wwhen I shut it off and turned the receiver to TV settings I was not getting a signal. After much fooling around I determined it was the Anynet setting on the DVD player causing issues. I turned off the HDMI Control setting and all is well now.

Would be nice if this player came with the HDMI control setting off rather than on.
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Is there a review on the S770 available?
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Is there a consensus as to the difference between the 570 and 770?
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770 has a back lit remote that seems to be the only difference.
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How do DVD's look on the 770?
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Ordered recently (has not yet arrived) and was curious....
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I bought mine from Crutchfield and it came with the disc.
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Originally Posted by phannon View Post

Just for information, there is no 3D-BD included with the Canadian version (naturally!).

What is the load time between the 760 and the 770? I would pick up a new 760, if I can find one. I need the 7.1 audio out.

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I do not really use the S770 for blu-ray, only SACD, but on the few Blu-ray discs I tried (and could not get 24p to play through), the start up times seemed to be more or less the same. The 760 is relatively fast, except for THX 1138 that required the use of a USB stick for external memory (have not tried it in the 770). The 760 is a very nice player and does indeed have the multichannel out that is lacking in the 770 (I use HDMI for 760 Blu-ray audio and for the 770 SACD). I do not think you can go wrong with the 760, especially if you need the analogue outputs.

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I watched the Robin Hood DVD today on the 770. I was pleased with the quality of the image.
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Since I'm new to streaming via Netflix, here is a basic question: Right now I'm using a 10 mbs wi-fi connection to the 770. Does the connection between the 770 and Netflix sense my download internet speed and thereby directly determine the video quality of streaming video?

In other words, if I am able to get a hard connection to the player (35 mbs), will I see an increase in the overall video quality of the streaming video?

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Originally Posted by wallstreet123456 View Post

770 has a back lit remote that seems to be the only difference.

I have the S770 and the S570 model is different besides the lighted remote and the included 3D movie.
This player feels more solid, less cheaply built than the other players in the Sx70 series.
The key controls on the S770 are placed in a different location on the player than the other players in the series.
It has long, thin pushbuttons along the top-front of the boxlike player that actually appear, at least for me, to work better than the S570 I had also, with its piano-style keyboard controls, when had I had both placed in front of me, side by side.
Needless to say, the better, more solid look and feel of the BDP-S770 model, combined with the same features as the S570, then add the lighted remote and included 3D movie, is worth the price, especially when it is on sale for the same amount as the S570 at regular pricing.
I took the S570 back, keeping the S770 and would ask anyone else to do the same.
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How does the wireless work on the 770 vs the 570? Is it any better? I have seen several posts regarding the weak wireless on the 570.
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