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YSP-1100 setup help

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I know this is an outdated soundbar but I'm trying to help a friend set his up with a new blue-ray player and HD DVR. Is there anyway to get HD audio with the ysp-1100? If not, what is the recommended hookup.
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No HD audio from the Yamaha. I believe you have two optical and either one or two analog inputs. My suggestion would be to have the TV and Blu-Ray each connected via optical. I would run the remainder of my components directly to the TV.

The YSP should come with a cardboard stand, about 2-1/2 ft high where you connect a mic and run a setup progrm to balance the various channels and sub if you have one. When done, you may select any of the virtual surround modes. Remember that the Yamaha does not do true surround or even true 5.1. Yamaha uses electronic phase shift and delay for its various surround modes.

I owned the smaller model YSP from the same year as the 1100. In 3.1 mode in stereo the sound is very accurate as far as frequency response above 80hz and phase. Very enjoyable on music and good reproduction of voice. The phase shift used in the surround modes gave music a sound like a veil or a transparent piece of cloth over a window. You can still see what's out there, just not really clear. Always wished I could get rid of the curtain.
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Thanks, Have you tried using the TV audio output into the ysp with good results?
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TV audio output was excellent. I tried both analog and digital and could tell zero difference on the YSP. Got my wife who has better hearing than I and she thought maybe she could hear a difference, but didn't know which sounded better. Since digital was newer, I left that connected and also ran digital out from my DVD player (later Blu-Ray) with good results.

My ears seem to latch on to the various digital surround processing modes and after about two months of experimenting, finally set the YSP up for 3.1 channel (stereo plus center) and enjoyed for three years.

My biggest disappointment with the Yamaha was the lack of sufficient dynamic head room. I have been listening to very good hi-fi speakers for music for the last 35 years and the change in dynamics was dramatic. Still overall, a good soundbar on both voice and music.
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