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Laptop connects to TV, no sound. Any advice pls?

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I have a relately advanced technical problem here. I am really hoping I am not the first one who has bumped into it. I'd really appreciate if someone can offer advice.

I have a Lenovo T400 laptop, used to connect it to my Sony Bravia TV, via VGA + miniplug. Both picture and sound are good.

Now trying to use docking station DVI port, DVI-> HDMI adapter, HDMI-HDMI cable connect to TV HDMI IN 1 port for video. And miniplug->red+white RCA cable to sound ports together with HDMI IN 1 port. Video is ok, but no sound.

I called Sony TV support. I was convinced this is not a TV issue. Since I plug in the HDMI cable, the video is ok on HDMI IN 1. And then I unplug HDMI cable, plug in the miniplug->RCA sound cable, audio is ok on HDMI in 1. It's just video and audio don't work together at the same time, which is not right.

Sony support engineer said that this could be because my T400 trying to output sound via DVI port, althought it can't. But since TV has HDMI connection, it detects digital sound signal, and then ignored the analog sound from RCA sound cable. So the solution should be disable the sound output to DVI port, only through the miniplug output. She doesn't know how, neither do I.

I consider myself sort of semi tech savvy. I explored many different configurations in my WinXP OS. But none fixed the problem. Is there a magic/hidden option to disable the digital sound output?

Thanks in advance.
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Isn't there a setting in your tv's user menu to change audio from digital to analog for the port? Try nameing the HDMI port to PC and seee if that doesn't do anything.
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What model TV do you have?
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Thanks for the replies guys.

This TV has model Sony Bravia KDL-46V5100

I've tried to assigned the HDMI1 port as label "PC", didn't make difference. But I see no where in the menu allows me to change audio source for a certain port?

The TV manual.

In the above manual PDF, it does have an option which is
"Alt. Audio/MTS
This Audio feature for current program lets you select an alternate audio (if it is
Alternate audio is disabled for analog signals and for digital signals that do not have
audio streams.
MTS is available only for analog programs.

Unfortunately, I am seeing this option is disabled on me.
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It's you display that is expecting audio on the HDMI with no way to take video only through HDMI and audio through another method. The answer is an external audio system.
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Page 31 of the user's manual shows that the HDMI 1 connection has a set of R&W audio connectors driectly underneath it and these are to be used to supply stereo audio when using a DVI-HDMI input source. The implication in the manual is that if these connectors will be used if connected and if audio is not sensed over the HDMI-1 input connector.

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I pretty sure that I have seen a small box that can take DVI and spdif from your laptop and combine them to HDMI but it probably costs $$$ (if it even exists).

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Yeah, I can either get a receiver or video+audio->HDMI convertor as workaround, but I am really seeking a solution without extra investment

The HDMI IN 1 port on Sony TV is indeed designed to support taking audio seperate from HDMI video. I have another Sony W serial living room TV worked this way with a HTPC for years. So at this point I am pretty confident that if I can find a way to completely disable the sound output from the video card, which is Intel 4500MHD, I can get it resolved.
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Better to figure out why either your PC is not outputting over the R&W cable you have connected to it or to figure out why your TV is not accepting the R&W sound when connected to the connectors directly under the HDMI-1 connector.
You need to talk someone at Sony Support who has some brains and pioint out that you are follwoing the connection isstructions as shown on page 31 of your user's manual
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Have you looked in the sound control panel to see which audio device is selected as default? Make sure it's the headphone out.
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