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Color wheel replaced, now colors don't transition well

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Just had the color wheel replaced on my Samsung Samsung HL-R6167W DLP. Since the replacement, the colors, to quote someone else on the internet, look "solarized". Basically, like a PC using a display in 256 colors, instead of 16M colors.

I've put a call back in to the local repair company, but I had some trouble with them last time they were here, and am hoping that there's something I can do myself to fix the problem.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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I've posted the following before, but can't find the post, so here it is again. This may fix the problems you are having:

People often experience picture quality issues after replacing color wheel's in Samsung DLPs.

The first thing you should do, is when you receive your new color wheel, look for an instruction sheet with settings to adjust after the installation and do the adjustments. That is usually all that needs to be done.

If however, you are still having some picture problems you may also need to adjust the index delay and the CCA. Some of you know how to do that, but for those who don't I can give general instructions. I have not done them myself. These instructions are for Samsung HLR 5688, yours may be different. Proceed at your own risk.

BIG WARNING!!!!! on the instructions. They involve you going into the service menu. One wrong button push inside the service menu can ruin your tv. So if you decide to do these adjustments, you are completely on your own and any problems arising from the procedure are yours.

CCA adjustment: 1.Turn off the tv to standby mode. 2.Press "mute"-1-8-2-"power" buttons on the remote. 3. From the Factory Service Mode Menu choose OPTION. 4. Select DMD-DIGITAL, press enter or right arrow key. 5. Press enter or right arrow key, OK should come up. 6. exit Factory Mode. Check the picture quality.

Usually, the CCA adjustment fixes any problems with the color and the next adjustment isn't necessary.

Index Delay adjustment: 1. Turn off the tv and press the same keys to get into the service menu as above. 2. Select "Service" on the first display of the service mode menu. 3. Press the arrow up or arrow down button to move to Index Delay, press enter. 4. The Index Delay screen will show. It has a red bar on the bottom. 5. Press the left or right arrow buttons to adjust to the mean value. (I've never done this and am not sure what the mean value is, so try to find the best shade of red???) Exit out of service menu
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Thanks. Unfortunately, I was not the one who installed the color wheel; a tech from a local repair company was. I guess he didn't check the picture after installing the new hardware.
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I replaced my color wheel and dark scenes look terrible. Research has told me to remove the cn810 jumper wire to fix the problem. Can someone clarify exactly what that means? I yanked on the two metal prongs with tweezers, but they didn't budge. Then i yanked on the black plastic piece at the base of the two wire prongs. The black plastic piece came out. Is that the jumper or is it the two wire prongs? If i need to remove the wires do i just yank on them with a lot of force and needle nose pliers or do I have to remove the metal plate with holes and remove the prongs with a method other than needle nose pliers? Thanks.
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So after having spent $150 on new color wheel i have to toss the set in the garbage? Nobody can help? ...and of course no response from inquiry on samsungparts.com. I think this is the Last samsung i will ever buy.
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