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Official Sony XBR LX900 Owners' Thread (60LX900, 52LX900, 46LX900, 40LX900) - Page 10

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Does holding "up" on the remote and pressing the power button on the TV still reset it to factory defaults?
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I finally was able to get the LX900 up on a table to get a good look the image quality. There are definitely edge lighting issues with this technology.

I've attached a couple reference images to share:

1) The original image taken from the video stream output as a .JPG file

2) The same image, paused on the 60LX900. While the lighting in the middle of the image is "washed out", the bottom of the screen is 100% of what I am seeing on the set.

3) This shot tones down the "hotness" of the middle of the screen, but minimizes the lighting effect.

4) A shot of the screen with a black image displayed. There is a total lack of uniformity on the image.

Is this "Normal" and "To Be expected" performance or a lemon off the production line?
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I can not see the 4th picture that you posted but based on the other 3 it seems that you have a unique problem. I am not seeing the same results on my set.
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that does not seem out of the ordinary, cut the video signal let it go black and look at the lighting...
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I finally got my 60LX900 mounted to the wall and all the wires and such properly hidden. I thought I would share a couple pics of my new favorite room!
The room was a formal sitting room which we found to be pointless, so we converted it into our Media Room.
TV: Sony XBR-60LX900
Receiver: Denon 2309CI
Speakers: Klipsch 35's (RF, RS, and RC)
Sub - Velodyne SPL-12R
Panamax 5300
Blu Ray, 3D, and games through PS3

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Originally Posted by OrlandoICE View Post
I finally got my 60LX900 mounted to the wall and all the wires and such properly hidden. I thought I would share a couple pics of my new favorite room!

Great work!

I really like how the cabinet floats under the tv. Any way you caould add that effect to the floor speakers?

Raising the back sofa is a really good idea as well.
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I don't think your experience is unique and in fact after looking at store models I am almost certain this is a widespread problem. It could be that some sets do not exhibit this behavior, but I doubt it. The best way to minimize these problems is by reducing the backlight. If you have backlight on max and pause on a screen in a light controlled room with white letters and black (like credits) it is easy to see this problem. It isn't something that would ever be noticed watching in a bright room.
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Originally Posted by chdwil View Post
Great work!

I really like how the cabinet floats under the tv. Any way you caould add that effect to the floor speakers?

Raising the back sofa is a really good idea as well.
Hmm, I didnt even think of mounting the speakers. The entertainment center is actually made to sit on the floor or be mounted on the wall. It is made by Sanus (model JFV60 espresso color). As soon as I saw a setup with the floating entertainment center I had to have it! Like many entertainment centers it does trap alot of heat with the doors closed. I installed temperature controlled cooling fans to the bottom of the unit to draw out the hot air. They kick on at 86 degrees and shut down at 81 degrees and are very quiet. I was a little worried about the fans at first since installing them on the bottom is not ideal (heat rises but the fans work perfectly in bringing the temp down and preventing heat failure.
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OK, so overall our board is pretty quiet, especially when compared to other sony models so I'll try to at least spur some info if possible...

I did not see anything about the online stuff mentioned yet. How many have played with some of the internet stuff/widgets? what is your favorite? which ones do you like/use? I know there are some worthless ones but are there any gems out there?

Here are the ones I like so far:
Pandora, I know its in a lot of stuff now but I like having access to it here too

Netflix, its ok but I like it through my PS3 better

Crackle was pretty good, free stuff (which is good) you are just forced into periodic commercials, I have not played with it much but from what I saw I liked

I like the Youtube access... we were watching some standup on comedy central and I was telling my wife about another bit a comic did. It was pretty cool to pull it up right away. The bad part is typing into the search field using the remote. its not something I would use all the time, but cool nonetheless.

I've peeked at some other stuff. Some of which was worthless... Im curious about the Amazon and Quirosity but they are pay per view services and I have not bothered to take that leap yet. Has anyone else tried it out?
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I tried them out but they take way to long to load at least 5 mins or more evertime I use YouTube alot to watch tekzilla and hdnation that's about it
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Use Amazon to catch up on shows I miss with the DVR. Works like a champ with no problems. Not sure about the load times cchrono is talking about. Mine loads in less than 10-15 sec. Also there is talk that Amazon is going to a $90 a year fee for unlimited streaming. If that happens it's good by DirectTV and DVR and hello Amazon.
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Netflix works well, and I think youtube is neat-but toggling with the remote ain't fun(I'm slow enough with a keyboard!) PQ is great, and thats what matters. Has anyone purchased extended warranties?
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Originally Posted by NBoyer View Post

Use Amazon to catch up on shows I miss with the DVR. Works like a champ with no problems. Not sure about the load times cchrono is talking about. Mine loads in less than 10-15 sec. Also there is talk that Amazon is going to a $90 a year fee for unlimited streaming. If that happens it's good by DirectTV and DVR and hello Amazon.

I'm talking about yahoo Widgets not Netflix or youtube
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With all the new components; LX900, BD (3D), and AVR (3D) it was time to reprogram my universal Harmony 880 remote (I have "lived" with the initial settings for years now with only few changes/updates). My new components worked pretty well with old settings because mfg of components did not change.

So I chose delete (alot) and started over. I now remember how universal remote challenged I seem to be but all-in-all everything came out OK after the first programming. To me, making corrections to this remote is like running back into a burning building. Most of the changes were actually additions, as well as deleting a few things that were not required due to hdmi-cec functioning better than expected.

Of course bedtime comes and the wife rolls over and asks "where the damn sleep timer is located...it was there last night".....several days (nights) pass and waking up at 3am with the tv still on. Has anyone else noticed that there is NO sleep timer button on the LX900 remote?? Spent a couple of hours trying to add this feature with no success; couldn't find an option in the harmony setup. Then I remembered it worked with my (old) XBR2 setting, so I used my old XBR2 remote to "learn" the sleep timer setting with a dedicated screen button. Now, all is well and looking forwarding to a good nights sleep
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As HT Magazine points out, there are changes in the white balance between 2d and 3d, anyone figure a way to store multiple white balance settings that are different. I been running the HT 2d settings and then I set the Theater Button settings to the 3d for 3d stuff but I just noticed that my 2d 3d settings are exactly the same! I really dont wanna have to change the white balance manually every time I watch something in 3d. Any ideas?
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Never mind somehow I just had em set then same. now i got to rewatch something in 2d and 3d and see the difference. Tough life. I Set 2d HT Mags setting as normal picture and 3d as theater. Anyone come up with some setting they like for sports like supercross and football. These HT setting are great for a theater room but not really great at same documentary type stuff on discovery and Sports. I'm gonna work on sports one this weekend. I'll let you know what I find.
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Hi Everyone,

Been a longtime lurking for info (built my speaker stands for my Klipsch S3's off a thread here). Just upgraded my old Panasonic PT-50LC14 LCD rear projection to a new 52" LX900. Saw on display this past Sunday at Best Buy (they just put it out), researched it that night and went back and bought it Monday. Got it for a steal with 2 extra pair of glasses (4 total) and a ps3 slim (which I sold to a friend for $200) compared to what I paid for the Panny 8 years ago lol. Talking under $2000 grand.

Still have to adjust the settings really only played with for about a few hours this past weekend after I set it up. So far it's a great display and I got lucky in the fact that mine has no clouding and very little to no flashlighting.

Basically I joined to add to the info about ordering the polarized lenses for the 3d glasses. Takes about 20mins give or take. The number to call is 1-800-222-7669 (Customer Service) and ask for the Tech Support Department and tell them what model glasses your have (TDR-100 adults/large and TDR-050 kids/small) and how many you pairs you need. You will be on hold with them in realtime (no music) so I would either mute the phone so they can't hear you talk or just put your hand on the phone. You are NOT finished until you receive an order # from them. Had to call back today (2/16) and found out order was never placed and I did not receive an order # the first time.

Then they just need your name address and serial number of your set and your good to go. Will post pics of my setup if anyone's interested.

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Could you give more details about the polarized lenses. I have a pair of the original glasses that came with my LX900 and am wondering if and why I need to order these lenses- is it free? If there is some link to a discussion of this topic could you direct me? Thank you. By the way- congratulations on your 52LX900. It's definitely a good television in many ways.
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Has anyone tried the 3D gaming with COD: Black Ops yet?? I just got my 52 LX900 last week and I just cannot get the setting right for 3D gaming. I have the 2D picture calibrating using my DVE HD Basic blu-ray. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Ive played both CoD-BO and Gran Turismo 5 on 3d, both are pretty cool. I could not get used to multiplayer CoD on 3D so I went back to 2D but GT5 is awesome! If I switch it to the dashboard view it really gives you the feel of real life driving minus the g-forces...

Anyways, make sure that your PS3 settings are set to send the 3D signal (I'm assuming that your PS3 is connected by HDMI) by going to Video Settings -> Display output settings. If you just run automatic it should have you select your screen size for 3D vide/games and then it should include 720 (3D) and 1080 (3D) in the output options. After that make sure you set your game options to 3D.

that should do it...
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I just bought my XBR40LX900 today! It's a nice looking set but I am not even going to try it out for a week or so. The wall mount I bought for it needs a an adapter to fit the back of the TV. Frustrating but such is life.

Anyways add me to the list of owners.
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The 3D is working, but I did notice that it is only 720p. I just cannot get the display settings good enough so that the 3D doesn't look double imaged when playing. I was hoping that it would be better then it was when playing COD:BO. Its mostly the scenery that looks bad, which I'm guessing is just the game then because the 3D when watching a movie is awesome. I'm using an audio quest chocolate cable for HDMI and I'm thinking on going up to the carbon.
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I bought this tv for gaming and have played both GT5 and black ops in 3d. Although fun can't really say how people would fare with long game plays. I had enough of it by the first hour.

When I played it though picture was perfect for me and it was running in 1080p. Make sure to select game mode while playing games though (I don't really like the auto setting). Only game I have experience ghosting so far was on wipeout 3D and it was def livable.

About the polarized lenses they are free if you contact Sony so you might as well get them even if you may not use them. Basically what they do is if you tilt your head to the side you loose the 3d effect then you have to wait for the glasses and your eyes to re-sync to the picture. With the polarized lenses which you can put over the glasses or replace the current lenses negate this effect but at the price of a slightly darken picture.

Personally I just order 4 pairs of the lenses and haven't tried them out but if you go back a few pages in this thread you'll see the post where I got the info from. I just decided to put down my what I went through to help others out since I was playing phone run around with Sony until I found a person to get me the item # and the right person to order them from.

They kept thinking I wanted to order more glasses
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Wow, I'll have to do that, and it's free! Now that's awesome. How did you get black ops to play 1080p, when in 3D it plays in 720p for me. And when I try to change the settings on the ps3 to not allow 720p it won't do the 3D. Is it a setting on the ps3 or the LX900?
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I'm at work now but I'll definitely check it out. I know I'm using the HDMI 1 Slot (ARC) for when I do 3d and using the optical output for sound and then I use the HDMI 4 slot when I'm doing 2d to feed the HD codes through my 805 for the lossless audio.

I haven't turned on the tv since Sat so again I'll check it out for you tonight. Also just curious when you synced the ps3 to the tv on the ps4 menu did it list 720p and 1080p as 3 options or did it only list 720p? Mine listed both and then the next screen should be for inputting the tv size.

If you don't remember try this. Turn on your tv first. Make sure the ps3 is connected the tv with an HDMI cable that can support the 3d bandwidth of 10.1gbs. Hold the power button down on the ps3 for until it beeps and turns on. You will now see the screen to setup the ps3 to the tv.

Let me know what choices you get.

Also edited my info about the polarized lenses since I they forgot to place the order and I had to contact a different department and took 20 mins to finish the order and receive my order#.



Don't forgot to download the free ps3 games you receive (wipeout 3D, Super Stardust HD, Pain 3D) they are fun. If you don't want them sell the codes since the first two games sell for $10 a piece. Also don't forgot to register your TV on sonystyle with the serial number to receive your 2 free 3d BluRay movies.
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hi there, where do you get the codes for the free games?
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When running the setup for the HDMI on the ps3, (using HDMI 1 ARC), I get 480i, 720p, 1080p, 720p 3D, 1080p 3D. When you hit display on the TV remote it says 720p HD in the top left corner when I'm playing Black Ops. Its wierd and it kind of annoys me because I have been noticing that many games on the ps3 are 720p or 1080i, when the same game on Xbox is 1080p.
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To be absolutely honest I'm kind of disappointed with the gaming picture while playing black ops. I have a 2007 samsung DLP 50" downstairs and the LX900 is really not much better with picture quality on the game. I expected a world of difference, but there isn't much. Maybe it's the game. Does anyone care to share there game settings for the picture? I guess I expected it to be sharper and to see more detail but I don't. Btw, I ordered my polarized lenses today took 45min on the phone with Sony. If you are going to do this make sure you have the exact model number off of the actual glasses. But, they should be here in 5-7 days and I'll let you guys know if they are better.
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I don think games will exhibit the improvement you are looking for. 1080p is 1080p on any 1080p set. That is the main variable for clarity. For color, games overall are limited in scope since they are rendered. As opposed to movies which capture the range of live color.

If you are talking 2D vs 2D then I am not surprised that you do not see an improvement in your gaming experience. However, if properly calibrated I would think that you would see a noticeable improvement in watching bluray movies.
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There is an improvement in blu-ray movies. I do understand the concept of 1080p, thank you. Having a 2007 1080p 60hz rear projection DLP, is quite a bit different from a 2010 1080p 240hz 3D LED. Not to even mention the 3 years in advancement. My gf's little brother purchased a samsung 1080p 60hz LCD in October and his black ops on xbox 360 looks sharper and better then what I'm playing. I'm not an idiot and I do sell tv's for a living.
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