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Hidden gem in HD-DVD "Bullitt"

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For any of you that have this disc, in case you didn't know there is a wonderful documentary on it which has HD scenes from a lot of movies that haven't come-out on HD yet! Take a look at this thread about it:

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Wow! That would have been nice to get some of those on HD DVD.
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I should have pointed-out btw that the documentary contains some "spoilers" e.g. critical scenes from Bonnie & Clyde, Easy Rider, even Titanic. It also contains the interrogation scene from Basic Instinct, so you don't want to show it with Grandma or your clergyman in the room!
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Thanks for the info Laserfan. I didn't know it was there, I watched a part of it and it was very interesting. The best part though is seeing 1080p clips of all those movies in the HD DVD format.
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I watched this last night and found the feature to be very well put together. I've had this disc for years now and never knew about it. My HD DVD player thanks you for getting some use lately.
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Y'all can thank member msgohan who created the "Many HD movie PIX" thread.

BTW I was idly looking at the High Def Digest the other day and thought to look at their HD-DVD review of Bullitt. It's sorta buried at the bottom of the review, but here's an excerpt:

"...with an interview roster that includes everyone from Martin Scorsese to Quentin Tarantino to Steven Spielberg, as well as editing legend Walter Murch, it's a fabulous documentary. Consider it a bonus -- and a grand one at that."

So many of us missed this!
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