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Originally Posted by Phantom Gremlin View Post
Full 1080p support might be coming to Apple TV later this year.

It's just a rumor. Most likely it will require new hardware.
And reconverting all of my blu-rays.
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Originally Posted by jwebb1970 View Post

I asume it all has to do with Netflix on the Apple TV 2 haing it's own iOS based NEtflix app as oppsed to using a web browser & sending that to a TV?

Pulled up The Big Lebowski on our instant queue via Netflix on our new ATV2. Prior to it, our Netflix was 100% standard def via the Wii.

Was very impressed by the PQ of Lebowski - did not even realize initially that this movie was offered in HD. While not quite BD quality, the HD from Netflix via ATV2 is quite impressive.

Yeah, it's going to make video from the Wii look just..bad.
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Originally Posted by Kalani View Post

And reconverting all of my blu-rays.

It may support 1080p but probably much lower bitrate 1080p than you'd get from Blu-Rays.
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Does anyone here know of or have experience with an app that would allow you to see what you are controlling on the appletv menu from an iPad? I have downloaded the remote software and that works great for controlling the ATF while you are in site of it but I am trying to use the ATv as a music source outside from the pool. I have my marantz receiver controlling the speakers through a separate zone and the iTunes portion works great but I would really love to be able to control changing stations on the radio feeds remotely.
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Why not AirPlay them to the aTV from the iPad?
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Yup, I use AirPlay from my iPod touches to control the radio stations or iTunes library from the pool. Works great!
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Originally Posted by chefklc View Post

Fred, there are several things which could account for this, but if you find yourself in that situation again--NF Instant Watch works just fine on the Mac or iPad but, frustratingly, not on the aTV2--try switching your DNS server setting to something else. If it is OpenDNS (, switch to Google (; if it is Google, switch to something namebench identifies as a good local choice (other than OpenDNS.)

Hey, thanks for that information. That said, now I'm confused (or I should say more confused). I took a look at the aTV2 Network information, and it shows a DNS address of, which is the same as the router address. I then checked my Macs (one wired, the other wireless) and they say the same thing. I thought that I had some time ago changed my DNS servers to OpenDNS, then I realized that I must have done that in AirPort Utility. I checked there, and sure enough I found primary and secondary OpenDNS server addresses. So, I guess the is shown because the DNS address comes from the router, yes? As an aside, I ran namebench, and it found the address to be fastest for my area.
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