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Im looking for some information for my Pioneer plasma T.V. model number PDP-503PU. I know its a P.O.S. with many documented problems. The power supply on my unit has just failed (A06-124196F I believe) and of course Pioneer is no longer honoring their previous recall on the P.S. So, to avoid the hefty replacement bill I took the supply out and noticed R133 has failed along with surface mount transistor Q120. I was going to attempt to replace the transistor figuring the 0.1 Ohm resistor failed and the additional current fried it. But, the service manual does not list the part numbers for anything over Q119 (how convenient, right?) When I contacted Pioneer they said they dont have that info for safety reasons...yeah, so they can safely get you to pay them another $350 for a new supply. Anyways, if anyone out there has or has access to this information this would be greatly appreciated. Ive been trying to track down this info for weeks now with absolutely no luck. Thanks.