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Dell 2400 mp, Incompatible resolution

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Dell Vostro 200
Dual video cards including
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
Nvidia GeForce FX 5500

Two daisy chained Dell projectors (here's the string of components)
CPU > Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family > 2 year old Dell 2400mp > 6 month old Dell 2400mp

The second projector is intermittently displaying a resolution incompatible error message. Some of the variables that cause it to come back on include cycling the PowerPoint (run) on and off, cycling the PowerPoint (program) on and off, cycling the projector on and off, cycling the CPU on and off etc... The sequence of turning the projector and the computer on doesn't seem to matter from my experience. Thoughts on sequence?

One thing that I can reproduce fairly often (not always) is that if I have the PowerPoint not running i.e. only the desktop is displaying and move the mouse over to the offending projector it will start working. If I immediately move the mouse back to the primary desktop and run the presentation it only stays running for one second and then goes back to the error message. If I leave the mouse on the secondary (projector) monitor it will stay and becomes more stable after a few seconds.

We primarily use this setup for PowerPoint.

Two questions
  1. Ideas about why the mouse helps the situation?
  2. Does sequence of turning the three components and running the PowerPoint have any factor?

Hopefully we can work with simple ideas first that I can do without having to pull a ladder out... The projectors are mounted 20 feet up on a ceiling. When I installed, both projectors were working fine and after a few days this problem appeared and has been intermittent ever since. I wish I had more clues as to what causes it to happen. Sometimes it just works when we turn the system on. More than often it doesn't

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! George
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The only thing that comes to mind is signal strength. You haven't said HOW you're driving the projectors (signal type) or how long the run is but it may be that the run is too long for the signal to be reliable. And the Dells could have input strength issues. I've seen situations where a projector just didn't have enough signal to be stable, yet another one was fine.

I would investigate a signal booster for your application.
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It's shielded VGA. The first run is 150 ft and the second run is 25 ft. The first projector before the 25 foot run is perfectly clear and works 100% of the time.

I initially had a splitter amplifier hooked up, but I got the incompatible resolution error while doing initial testing. When I tried simply daisy chaining them it worked so I went with that.

The splitter / amplifier box I tried was a StarTech Converg AV 2 Port VGA Splitter / Distribution Amplifier Model ST122W. Maybe it was a lemon? The part seemed cheap IMO.

Any chance that is a software or video card issue?

Thanks for your help Sheridan
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Startech is junk. I've seen it in action. I don't suspect software or the video card other than the card probably isn't putting out a strong enough signal to make the run and drive 2 devices. I'm thinking that if you got a GOOD VGA amplifier, that would solve your problem. Extron is an industry standard.
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Yeah I figured it was a bad box. I'll try a better amp and let you know what happens.

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Stick with name brands, like Extron.
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Originally Posted by GeorgeJFox View Post

Yeah I figured it was a bad box. I'll try a better amp and let you know what happens.


Surely that will fix it. That's a long run to be munched through another projector.
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I followed the link to the amplifier you referred to.

1-NIB Extron SVDA 6MX S-Video DA/ 1- Used Extron SVDA 6MX S-Video DA

Do I simply buy adapters from VGA to whatever this uses?

Would this box be dangerous in an attic installation? Excessive heat? I'll probably build a shelf for it to set on, but it won't be easily accessible.

Suprised this is so inexpensive.

Sorry for the long delay on this response. Thanks for your help!

One last try... is it possible that I need new video drivers or to change a setting in PowerPoint?
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Oh BTW, now I'm subscribed to the thread so I'll reply sooner.
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I didn't provide any links, and that is certainly not what you need. That's S-Video, you're running VGA. What you want is this....


Shouldn't be a problem in the attic and accessibility is not really an issue. Set it up and leave it alone.
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