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MY Improvised theater

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Ok its not the best but its just me. I have a optima EP721 DLP projector hooked up to my dell D610 laptop. I use a king size bedsheet as the movie screen for right now.The projector is on the top shelf of my closet and the computer is on the lower. I use wireless headphones for the sound for right now.( I live in a trailer park is the best i can do since i lost my outdoor theater when i moved). With the projector and computer in the closet just close the door and it's put away LOL. Pics to come later.
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room to small to get a full view of the sheet so I left it out. Behind the sheet though when not in use is a sylvania LCD flatscreen TV

this is just a basic theater if you can call it that I plan to add a soundsystem a DVD and HI-FI VCR and speakers and a real screen(portable stand alone.) but you got to start somewhere.
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here's a pic of it in action

shot is from "The goods:Live hard,sell hard"
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Whatever works, right?
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Best closet ever.
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Originally Posted by John Megadeth View Post

Whatever works, right?

right no matter how small or big. do what you can with what you got.
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Originally Posted by kiss_alive View Post

right now matter how small or big. do what you can with what you got.

Yup, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. Nice job making it fit. You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest closet in the world...kiss_alive.
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Like said I will add a HI-FI VCR and DVD player. I have the sound system(Panasonic turntable) I just need a video switcher to make it all work so I don't have to change cables from one source to the next and a real screen(a portable office screen since a window and tv are in the way of a wall mount.
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Some improvements. I installed the power strip on the back wall to put the cables out of the way. I drilled a hole into the closet shelf and ran the wires to the projector up through the hole so they are out of sight. Added A JVC HI-FI VCR model HR-D980U and a Sony DVD player model DVP-NS755V. The DVD player is from the outdoor theater I had and the JVC was supposed to be the original VCR for the outdoor theater but it didn't work at the time. With the laptop hooked up to the projector i can watch streaming movies from netflix.

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OK I Hung 2 speakers on the wall and ran the wires behind things so they don't show more then necessary. The speakers are soundesign EXB(expanded bass) speakers. They will hid behind the screen

The speakers

The sound system(was the sound system for the outdoor theater

it may not be what you call a home theater but I don't have the 1000's of dollars that you guys spend on yours to make it look like a real theater.
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What I like is that you make due with what you have. The equipment may not be "great," but it works for you, so that's what matters.

Yes, many of the setups on here cost $1000s; however, several setups (mine included) are considered budget setups. Mine, for example, only cost me *maybe* $2k over time.

Either way--enjoy
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yeah make due with what you have. when i get my own place i could get one with a basement then the possibilitys are only limited to $$$$$$$
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well I got the video switcher its made by impact acoustics. I got audio with the VCR but no video. I got video and sound with the DVD player. The vcr connects to the switch via rca A/V composite cables. The unit outputs into a s-video cable. Granted I never used the rca outputs on this vcr before. I got it from the flea market and was going to use it in the outdoor theater but i found out the VCR didn't work(i got it fixed). I have another hi-fi VCR I know works has i used it for the outdoor theater. Do you think this is a VCR problem. I tried 2 Yellow video cables no signal. I have audio but no video.
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Please... go to Wal Mart and get a new power strip. They are like $5. That one looks like a fire hazard... otherwise
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Wow! I didn't know people still used VCRs and tape decks.

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Well another update. The Panasonic blew a ampifire. I was watching a judas priest concert dvd and halfway into the first song I loose sound. It couldn't handle the priest. I have another stereo hooked up.
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