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Niles DMG1?

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Any one heard any details of this new standalone digital music gateway (DMG1) that will fully integrate with the ZR6?

I'm in the middle of deciding between niles, russound, nuvo,and elan and I think this will put Niles ahead of the rest. The feature that I thought was lacking was Niles did not have a way to integrate fully with a music server. I called to ask about this and a Niles representative told me that this new DMG1 will enable you to access music from network sources (nas,computer shares locally), and internet radio including services like Pandora,rhapsody,napster, etc. All of sources will support meta data to the control pads.

Apparently set to launch by end of year and retail from around $600.

With Niles built-in fm tuner, plug-n-play ipod support, and the new DMG1 is there any reason to not go with niles?

The only feature I can think of right now that niles is lacking is local input ports in zones. Would be a good feature to plug something in when your in the room and play that on the speakers...

Any opinions welcome!
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Any one have any thoughts?
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Bump.....any info released yet on the DMG-1? I'm also considering the ZR6, and this gateway would likely be the deal maker for me.
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Regarding the Niles DMG1, there is zero info on this on the web, was it cancelled? Anyone have any info?

What about the Russound DMS 3.1? Saw a YouTube video from a trade show saying the app was available now but I sure cant find anything about that either.
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