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DLNA XMBC PS2 Samasunng AllShare

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Hi, I am trying to setup up my living room for media streaming. I want to play H264 videos, 3D blue ray videos, MKV with subtitles and other videos like AVI.
I have PS3 and I just learned about XBMC yesterday. It like it.

My question is to make a purchasing decision regarding the TV I'm getting. There is the Samsung Plasma 50" TV PN50C680 with 3D which does not have Samsung apps (I'm assuming no ethernet capability no DLNA) vs Samsung Plasma 50" PN50C7000 with 3D which does include the Samsung apps but it costs $400 more. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking that as long as I have the PS3 streaming I should be fine. Also I can switch the TV to HDMI 2 and use the XBMC to stream media. So does the DLNA from Samsung offers something I'm missing? I mean what's the benefit for having DLNA if I have PS3 and XBMC?

Would someone help me please?
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I recently purchased a PN50C680 and run it along with a PS3 for my BD player and streaming content. This TV actually is DLNA compatible using AllShare and has a wired ethernet port built in (just no apps). I've found that using the PS3 is a better choice though because I like the interface better, and from what I can tell it has support for more video formats (maybe I just don't have my PS3 media server configured correctly).

In short, the TV's built in features are probably not going to benefit you much if you have XBMC or a PS3. Hope this helps, even though the thread is old. I didn't have much luck finding a lot of info on this set but bought it anyway and am happy so far, so I thought I would add to this.
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Okay, the answer is as clear as mud. But, this is fundamental to the home tv setup: can you do what he wants. H.264 blows away other codecs. And we need to watch them on the TV. Preferably, by bluray over network.

I am looking at the Samsung solution today: http://reviews.cnet.com/blu-ray-play...ml#reviewPage1

But not clear if it will be able to browse drive I: and play a h.264 movie mp4 extension.

If So, I would buy the player, if not, NO! I don't need blu ray, I already got a wii. No interest in VUDU rip off. Pandora would be nice, but not worth the money. I would like hulu and crackle, but don't think that is possible yet with this player--and not target of this thread.
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