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ISF/THX calibrators - Australia

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Looking for the above for a KRP-600M in QLD
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Try Andrew Poole

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Remember ... this is just a name. It is up to you to figure out if the person has the right equipment for the job and the right experience.

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Andrew is actually the Aus Sencore rep Michael, he is based in Perth though which is on the other side of Aus.
I'm closer and in NZ, check the Imaging science website as there is a few isf calibrators close to you.

If you are happy to pay my airfare, I am happy to fly across to you...anyway I'm getting sick of the quakeshttp://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/ so will do a great deal if you like
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Hey guys. I'm looking for a pro AV guy in South Australia to calibrate an Epson TW 9100 projector. I'm located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

If anyone knows of someone it would be much appreciated.
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Hi there,

I am an ISF Certified Calibrator based in Adelaide South Australia. You can contact me through my website at www.claritycalibration.com.au


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Hi Tony.

Thanks for the fast reply. Awesome news.

I'm off work sick today & my home pc isn't working right now so I'm limited to my phone today. Hopefully I will be back at work tomorrow & I'll be in touch.

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