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2010 Samsung plasma screen uniformity

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I just had my Samsung PN50C8000 plasma TV's panel replaced due to severe image retention issues. Unfortunately, the new panel (probably a refurb) has problems with screen uniformity that were absent in the old one: regions of pink and green, plus a horizontal dark band, are visible on an all-white, all-gray, or all-black screen.

Full-screen color uniformity generally looks OK, except that some colors (such as yellow) show the dark band fairly well.

I found this old thread which describes this problem at length and even includes good pictures. (It also mentions briefly a fluctuating brightness problem which I have noticed intermittently on both of my panels.)

The repair technician who visited my home this morning on behalf of Samsung said what I have is within tolerable limits for a plasma screen. For this reason, he cannot get Samsung to authorize and pay for another panel replacement at this time. However, he encouraged me to pursue replacement of the panel or the whole TV directly with Samsung if I am not satisfied. (I'm thinking this over.)

Unfortunately, I can sometimes see these defects during normal viewing. This is actually how I noticed them in the first place. I've been hoping that these issues will clear over time, but now I fear that the opposite could just as easily be the case.

Given that this is a known Samsung panel defect, it's looking like the next step for me is to pursue getting the whole TV replaced. However, this could be stressful and might not lead to a happy ending. So, I'm asking for some help.

If you have a 2010 Samsung plasma TV and are willing to test a solid black / gray / white screen, please post your findings! Does a white screen show colored regions? Are there any dark or light bands going across the screen when the picture is all white or black?

If you've ever tried to have this problem corrected, what was the outcome?

Thanks for your time!
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My PN638000 doesnt have any of the problems yours does but on an all white screen there are two very faint lines that run across the length of the screen. they are aprox 7 inches from top and 11 inches from top. Samsung had tv repair ppl come pick up the set and they replaced the panel with a faulty panel that samsung shipped them. Now samsung is sending me a replacement tv.

I reported my problem with samsung 5 days after purchase. Its now been a fews days over a month since bought my tv and have only had it in my house for 7 days. They arent hearing me complain about losing a month of my warranty either.
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Thats really sad that Samsung still hasnt fixed this problem. I had a PN58A650 which had pink whites and faint bands that were noticeable during bright content and certain panning shots. I noticed it at first and tried to just blow it off and enjoy my new screen. After the honeymoon period with my new TV I started to realize that I was always looking at the bands on my screen. So I called Samsung. They gave me the run around for 2 months and finally decided to replace my screen with a B550. My B550 doesnt have pink whites but it still has banding problems. The banding isnt quite as bad as the A650 because they are more faint and towards the bottom of the screen. The fact that Samsung hasnt fixed this problem yet makes me think going for a different set is a good idea.
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Well, Samsung knows about my issues and is trying to locate another tech for me. I'll give this a few days, but will ask for a new TV if anything stalls.

Right now, the pink and green is showing up in all kinds of material... ice hockey, of course, but also images of water, sky, walls, and more. I noticed it a lot today. Very bothersome! I can't tune out either discoloration, because being in the panel itself, it spans the whole gray/color gamut. Sad that any technician would find this within acceptable tolerances, but I guess the manufacturers set that standard by deciding what to replace at their own cost.

I watched the panel replacement as it happened and talked with the technician about it. It's quite an involved exercise. The TV is laid on the ground and the back panel is removed. Three large circuit boards are extracted, and then the whole screen with something like three more boards still attached to it. In goes the new panel with its boards, then everything else has to go back in properly. It's easy to mess up, and techs do.

I can only wonder if I have more than a panel problem now, because I just discovered last night that 3D isn't working as well as I'm sure it was before. If I have to endure another repair, I'm going to have to make sure the tech stays to thoroughly test the TV with me and not just throw some very basic pixel test patterns at it. While I very much appreciate everything the last tech did for me, it proved to not be enough.
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All my 50c450 has is a slightly darker band where the left 4:3 bar would begin....
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Out of the blue, I just got a phone call from someone at Samsung. I guess the second repair request on the same TV triggered something. After listening to my explanation of the problem, she canceled the repair request and instead set up an exchange with a new TV. This will take up to two weeks, but is probably the best solution!

Kudos to Samsung this time.
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