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Hey everyone,

I have spent the last week or so racking my brain reading hundreds or thousands of posts here, and I am currently just looking for some opinions on which direction to go in my situation.

I currently have an older desktop that I have turned a WHS. I only have space for two hard drives on the server (mobo limit), and I currently store my movies on this server. When I want to watch the movies, I hook my laptop up to the TV via HDMI and stream from the WHS using Windows Media Center / MyMovies add in. I've used the xbox to stream from WHS, but then it has to stream from my (wireless) laptop and the server because the laptop has W7 Media Center (and I cannot get it to use the MyMovies add in).

So, onto the questions.
Should I:

1) Upgrade (or replace) my WHS so it can have more storage, and build some sort of mini HTPC just to stream to the TV from the server

2) Build a storage server instead of upgrading the WHS, maybe a mid-tower with 12 hard drives bays using unRaid. Build a cheaper mini HTPC just to stream from the storage server.

3) Add NAS to the WHS for extra space, and built a mini HTPC (not sure the WHS mobo will support a port multiplier).

4) Build a better HTPC with space for maybe 6 or so hard drives and don't stream from the existing WHS (then I would probably use the HTPC to rip movies instead of the WHS)

5) Any other good ideas?

I am assuming I could use a mini HTPC to accomplish what I want to in options 1,2 & 3. I guess I would be willing to spend somewhere around $1,000, but could be convinced to spend a little more if needed for the right solution.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, there are just SO many options, it would be great to get some input here!

Thanks everyone