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The helo grab was pretty bad. And why drop the truck in the water instead of just putting it on the huge ship?
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is Alex getting his tats removed, they look faded tonight. Never understand why actors would do that to themselves when various roles might require them to covered- makeup can only cover so much.
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Very good episode tonight. I tune in each week to watch an entertaining cheese-fest, but this episode was well made and had actual emotional substance.
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This week's Victoria Secret was a blatent plug for tonite's Victoria Secret show. When the networks start putting in guest stars its all over.

Thing was it ran an A, B and a C plot, which is very unusual for the show. made for a different show and had a nice A plot twist at the end. B plot was the plug and C plot was a side story to the A plot.

Best show of the season, IMHO. McGarrett had difficulty running two bad guys down. Not often for that.
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They can do this all they want. 1. Models 2. Beach 3. Models on beach. Rinse, repeat.
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Yep, throw in Hawaii and hot models and I don't care who they're pimpin', I'm in. biggrin.gif
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