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Well, I just discovered that MVA Blueray that I bought on Ebay doesn't work on my ps3. At first I thought I might have been ripped off, but after finding this thread, I realized the problem.

Fortunately I always backup my Bluerays, so I have the AnyDVD HD program which strips the digital protections and I simply made a copy of it. It works perfectly! and as a bonus, it gets rid of all the government warnings and additional useless extras that are usually on these discs.

If you're not used to doing this, there is a bit of a learning curve, but lots of good info here on AVS, and on the Slysoft forums which make the Anydvd software.
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I send in my disk just before christmas, I just received the shipping notice that a new disk is on the way. I'm glad that Samsung stepped up and is replacing disks that won't play in the PS3.
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I keep getting an error message using that form. Called the number under contact and the lady took my info. Didn't even mention returning the disc till I brought it up. Hopefully this method of doing it doesn't get dropped and ends up in a dead end.
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I didn't have any issues using the form. I filled it out, they sent me the return shipping label, sent it out. I've received notice that they received my disk on Jan 6th, and sent replacement on Jan 6th. I hope to have it here pretty soon. I'll post up when it arrived.
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I received my new disk from Samsung yesterday. the new disk plays fine in my PS3 slim.

I tested it out and the 3D looks great. I was a little curious as I tried it first without having my Mits 3D Adapter hooked up and it didn't want to play. I figured it would play a 2D version but it wouldn't. I didn't check the disk to see if it contained both versions or not. I ran it through the Adapter and it came up fine.
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