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Time Warner Cable 3D, So Cal

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So I tried the chat, and two people couldn't help me. I called, and the rep said to go to the local cable store & either get a new box - or get a on a waiting list. Guy there tries to give me the same SA DVR, they have none of the required boxes.

I asked about the waiting list, and there is no such thing. He said to check back in a month, and there was no way to find out when there would be stock. I am considering writing a letter to higher-ups, but we know how that goes.

It took four people to tell me they have no idea what's going on with 3D. I do know there are boxes out there, but none in stock. Anyone with any insight on this would be appreciated.
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I am also in SoCal. I looked for the 3D content on Time Warner yesterday and could not find it. Are you referring to that? What channel should it be on? Were you told we need a specific box to see the channel or to get the content to work?
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If you do a google search for Time Warner Cable 3D, and pick the first result (Corporate). Then click the View All 3DTV FAQs on the right. Under "Will all set-top boxes..." it lists three manufacturer's specific brands. I believe TW is using the Samsung.

Also, I could not find the supposed content, and the TW employees have no idea.

There are no 3D set-top boxes available for us to get, and the SA will not work (unless they update it somehow, which I doubt)
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Originally Posted by gravy View Post

TW employees have no idea.

pretty much summarizes the norm for TW in socal.
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I'm wondering if the content is even out there. It would seem that the content would showup on the guide, but not work if we had the wrong boxes. I will call TW as well and ask questions. Maybe one of us will find an answer.
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Gravy... I read the FAQ and I believe I do have one the the set top boxes listed. I know its a Cisco but don't know the model number. I'll check it out tonight. I'll also look again under the HD Showcase area they list. Last night I was looking under on demand as I read the new content was pay per view. I have seen 3D in the HD Showcase but it was just a replay of a golf tourney. It looked good!
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I only started down this road after reading TWC was doing 3D On Demand, starting 9/21. I first looked in the guide, to see if I could find anything. There sure is a crappy selection of on demand stuff, but couldn't find any 3D.

I want to try and see if I can run it either side-by-side or over-under, through Stereoscopic Player, using an HDMI capture card.

I have a feeling the boxes with be bitchy with regards to EDID, but I have no info to suggest either way.
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I spoke with TW this evening. The tech on the phone spoke with engineering who told him that they decided to delay the release of the 3D content. He said it would be coming soon but could not give a definite date. I think my box will work because TW had the Masters up for a while and it worked in 3D on my setup. Looked good. I think Cisco bought SA so the SA boxes may work. We should know soon.
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