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UTV bin 3.8

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I am not sure where I can find it (v3.8)...seems like all links are down and I am pretty sure the 3.7 version will not work. My hard drive crashed and need to redo the disk...if someone could suggest where to get or upload for me, much would appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Until you find or someone posts the current OS.

Have you tried the "Old School" option to have the UTV download it via Dialup?

Lots of people have problems now days because of the move away from traditional hardline phone service... but if you don't have access at home... a visit to Grandma's House, a friend, or neighbor for a few hours might do the trick. A lot less hassle/trouble as long as the connection is "clean". In some case one or two dropped connections are easily reconnected and it can resume were it left off.

Good Luck,

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phone number is not available in my area
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Originally Posted by melon2112 View Post

phone number is not available in my area

There are workarounds for that.
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I show the binary file to be about 31.9Mb. Please check your request at http://dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=63508 to see if the upload location works.
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Link doesn't work...Thanks for the effort. I have found a couple links but none are active as they typically say removed to to inactivity or such.

As for the workaround...i thought you need to dial long distance then for almost 3 hours. Doesn't sound like something I want to do. I am pretty sure someone will be nice enough to upload the image. I have patience to wait

I have found 3.7 ... does anyone know if I put that on, if it will still work? and maybe will upgrade from the stream rather than the phone line?
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PM me. I'm not sure about 3.7 upgrading to 3.8 from the stream or if it'll try to dial?
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Hey fellas. I apologize for not checking in more often anymore at this forum. I have the 3.8 OS file.

You can get it from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/422575059/utv_3.8.bin

(looks like rapidshare has changed their web site. Click on the free user / slow download button)

This is an un-cut standard OEM release of the software. I remember a while back where there were guys playing with the 3.8 software and adding features and such. I never got my hands on those versions.

Hope this helps.... Long live the UTV!
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