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Mirage OMD at Vanns

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They have a deal on some Mirage OMD speakers at Vanns right now. I can get a system consisting of; OMD15 mains, OMDC1 center, 4 OMD5 surrounds, and OMD Prestige S10 sub for $2200 shipped. When current, the system cost considerably more.
I will be building a new house with a home theater in 1-2 years. Do you think I should buy this once $5500 system to use in 1-2 years, or buy a $2500 system when I build the home theater. The main question being, will the 4 years of R&D allow a $2500 system to match or exceed a $5000 system that is 4 years old?
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No chance. That's not going to happen.

But that's not really the question to ask. The right questions are,

- what are the chances that my tastes and needs may change, making me wish I'd gotten something else, or nothing? (high)

- what are the odds something else good will be on sale then? (100% - there's always something on sale if you can wait a few months)

- what am I going to do with all these huge boxes in the meantime?

Buying HT and audio gear for distant future use is a bad bet. It's hard enough to get the right stuff now, as you can see from all the threads posted by people that can (or should be able to) know their needs, uses, tastes, room, layout, budget, family situation, etc.
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I bought the OMD system from Vanns and am really happy with it (the 15's, center and a couple of 5's for the surrounds). These are great speakers. However, I agree with buzzy, in a couple of years there will be something else out to make you drool.
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That's what I figured. I think I will wait, especially considering the uncertainty of the economy right now. I'd hate to buy these with the intentions of using them, and then need to sell them because I am short on money.
BTW, does anyone know if Mirage is planning another line higher than the OS3, or are they just settling on that line as being their flagship?
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