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Tonewinner Making New Emotiva PMC XMC ?

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Look familiar?
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Kind of old news as I believe Chu had unearthed the Tonewinner/Emotiva connection awhile ago. Now if Tonewinner opens up a ID company in the US, creates a non negative rules forum and provides plenty of everyones favorite powdered beverage then I think Emotiva might be a bit worried.

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Thanks to saginawjuggalo for all the great pics. I know this was unearthed before but I did not know that they were also involved in the new PMC XMC as well.
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I really like the AD-25E pictured on the right. That will probably be their new reciever
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Originally Posted by JeffreyMercado View Post

Thanks to saginawjuggalo for all the great pics. I know this was unearthed before but I did not know that they were also involved in the new PMC XMC as well.

No problem and thanks for the credit

I spent hours on this... Mainly due to the ultra slow Chinese websites. I saved and reuploaded them so they would load quicky.

Additional pictures can be found here: http://forum.blu-ray.com/pre-pro-amp...hread-514.html
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The styling does look quite similar to ToneWinner's AD7100HD/7100PA if you ask me. The glowing blue strips, the ever so slight two-tone color that corresponds with the unique shape. Even the units sitting next to the AD7100HD look in many ways like the pro-line.. the volume knob, case shape etc. Sure they swapped a few thing around on the front panel and added a few custom touches... this is not hard for a electronics producer to do. I like the looks of the EmoPro better but regardless they still look like they were birthed out of the same mother (Chinese factory). Same blue LEDs for each amplifier channel. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts this is a Tonewinner. I haven't seen any processors or AVR come close this XMC-1/PCM spec wise but I am positive the details will leak. I have my doubts about Emotiva building this thing from the ground up so quickly.. I'm sure they are standing on someone else's platform and I'm perfectly fine with that 'if' things turn out better than the UMC-1. Given Emo's track record my eyes are on Winner/Sherbourne
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They really don't look that much alike. Not saying who makes it. Just saying based on looks alone, you would have a rather long row to hoe.

The amps look a bit alike, but how many ways are they to make an amp?

The processors look quite different.
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Other folks OEM'ing from ToneWinner are,



and some of their products you can get on ebay.
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Originally Posted by MichaelJHuman View Post

The amps look a bit alike, but how many ways are they to make an amp?

1: Winner 7100PA (aka UPA-7): http://www.tonewinner.com/product/pr...Product_ID=177

2: Sherbourn 5-200 (aka XPA-5): http://sherbourn.com/home-theater-pr...herbourn-5-200


3? Sherbourn 7-150: It's the seven channel XPA that never was.


Just for more heck of it.... a UMC-1 receiver.

Sherbourn SR-120 "coming soon"

PDF/Brochure: http://www.sherbourn.com/images/Broc..._SR-120_hr.pdf

and the late great Parasound HDP70

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If Tone Winner can't get the UMC right, how can Tone Winner get a $2999.00 unit to work correctly?
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Amen. I think for all the pain and suffering UMC-1 owners have experienced we should be entitled to a XMC-1 trade in. A free trade for the XMC-1 from the UMC-1 and send in all the UMC-1s and have a wasted 5 years waiting for the LMC-1 replacement bonfire
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Originally Posted by pras1011 View Post

Will the new XMC be made by Tonwinner like the UMC?

Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post

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He stated his peace - not sure he'll be sayin much more... nor does he really have to IMO.
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Look what I ran across on a Chinese audio forum: http://av199.mobi/viewthread.php?tid...&extra=&page=2

Take notice of the Sherbourne banner on the page.

Mighty similar fronts I must say... power button, LED readout, brushed steel, grey text and even silver trim pieces
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Man, I'd take both of them!
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Check out the addresses here:



Obviously they both have the same owner and are pitching the same chinese garbage under different names.
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That's nothing really new. It's fairly common knowledge around here that Emotiva recently bought out and took over Sherbourn.
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Originally Posted by Treezskier View Post

pitching the same chinese garbage under different names.

Just because its made in China doesn't mean it's garbage - but I guess everything you own and ever will own is entirely made in the United States by hand by Native Americans, and all of the raw materials used in such manufacturing is also from the United States, mined by Native Americans. Right?

There's a large difference between picking up some cheap OEM garbage and re-selling it at a billion times mark-up, and simply picking up a working OEM product and re-selling it at a reasonable (insofar as the market accepts it) price.

The pictures do look identical, at least for the XPA and UPA amplifiers, I would venture a guess that the pre/pro is from the same source, but perhaps has had some changes made to it over the Winner one?

Always fun to see OEM<->"Brand" links established outside of the walled garden.
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I have never understood the assertion that a product is inferior because it's made in China. If the design, components and manufacturing process is controlled, why won't the final product be good?

I believe my Yamaha 867 was made in china...seems well made to me.
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A closer look at the different amp incarnations of Tonewinner will uncover some differences to the Emotiva models although the amps look quite similar. The UPA-7 i.e and its similar companion from Tonewinner are not identical, the one from Tonewinner has a bigger power supply (1100 W) and different specs too. Note: They don't seem to be an Audyssey licensee, thus none of the upcoming products will (probably) contain this technology...

This probably holds true for other units also as Tonewinner acts as an OEM supplier, which manufacturers to customer specs:

18 years' OEM/ODM experience
Whether it's for your existing market or expansion into other areas, ToneWinner Electronics Co. Ltd can easily put together an A/V package tailored to your needs. Our 18 years' OEM/ODM experience and R&D partnerships with leading electronics companies provide us the platform to do so. Our design program is further reinforced by licensed technology from Dolby Labs and DTS.

R&D partnerships with industry leaders
Our current catalog includes A/V amplifiers, home theater systems, hi-fi amplifiers and speakers, PA systems, car amplifiers and karaoke players. We've also employed 30 engineers, some who have worked for Samsung and Panasonic. This, plus support from Mitsubishi and NEC, gives us the tools we need to develop cutting-edge designs that meet your high standards.

Filling your volume orders for any of these items isn't a problem since we turn out 55,000 units each month to ensure your production base is covered.

To enjoy what buyers in Europe, North America and Australia benefit from, send us your OEM/ODM requirements today.
Contact Details

Manufacturers ToneWinner Electronics Co Ltd
#3 Plant Building,
Hongtu Industrial Plot,
Dashi, Panyu,
China (mainland) 511430
Tel: +86 (20) 34790129 / +86 (20) 84792855
Fax: +86 (20) 34784046
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