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Comcast RNG200 HDMI + Component Stopped!!!

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I have a Comcast Cisco RNG200 that I have been using for a while outputting both HDMI & component at the same time. Last night I went to bed watching on the component outputs then this morning I got no video.

I've rebooted the box several times, but I still can't get both at the same time. If I pull the HDMI cable, component comes right on and I can go back and forth.

Is there anything I can try? Did Comcast push out an update to prevent this???
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I have the same problem I hook up the HDMI to the TV and the component to the slingbox and this is very frustrating. I dont think it has anything to do with the HDMI cables you are using. Gotta love Comcast
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Hi All, I use a Monsoon Vulkano, very similar to Slingbox, and have the same problem. I used to have a TV that didn't have HDMI inputs, so while I was using component for Vulkano and S-Video for TV everything worked well. I finally got a new TV and connected with HDMI, and the Component output stopped working when HDMI cable is connected. It seems to not care if the TV is on or not. I also tried going through my receiver with the same results. The only solution I can come up with is to buy an HDMI splitter and then an HDMI to component converter, but that's a lot of extra parts and they are not cheap. Anyone find a better solution?
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