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Thinnest/Narrowist 32"?

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Moving into a new apartment and have realized that built-in cabinet in bedroom is slightly less than 30.5" wide. I know I need to get a new TV and would like to try and squeeze a 32" model in there but have not had any luck locating one that is less than 30.5" wide.

Does anyone know of a current or recent model 32" that is 30.5" wide or less? I did a few searches for 'narrow bezel' and 'thin bezel' but did not come up with any 32" models or solid leads.

Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by gwsallen View Post

i think VIZIO M320VT is what you are looking for.
31.5" diagonal and actual width 30.32"

It sounds as if the width is perfect, but you also need to remember that a TV needs room to "breathe" so that it will not become overheated. Will there be enough of an opening at the top so that the heated air can escape from both the top and bottom (around the pedestal)? If it's a built-in cabinet, I assume the back is also closed not allowing air to escape from the back either.
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I own the VIZIO M320VT and am very happy!

A friend of mine came over with his disc and calibrated this screen. These were the resulting settings: (Picture Menu)
Ambient light sensor off
Picture Mode custom
Backlight 21
Brightness 53
Contrast 53
Color 49
Tint 1
Sharpness 0
Noise Reduction off
(This tv has all sound set to off due to 7.1 stereo external system)
Color temperature Red gain 50
Green gain 50
Blue gain 50
Color enhancement off
Adaptive Luma off
DCR off

Very happy with results! Give it a shot-

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thanks for information
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I just picked this set up for a replacement in our bedroom. Not much on the interwebs about this set. I like it so far.
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