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Sony bravia tv + Sony ht-ct150 = no headphones?

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I have had a 42' Sony bravia tv, and it has been a great tv. We have had a problem hearing the sound at times. So we went out an bought a Sony Ht-Ct150 soundbar. This also has been great once we got it configured properly. I only have 1 problem now, I have a set of sennheiser wireless headphones i use at night so I can play my games And not wake up my wife. Since we got the soundbar I have not been able to use the headphones at all. I tried a few different ways ( looked for a port on the subwoofer, even used just the optical audio cable and plugged the devices straight to the tv instead if into the soundbar.). None of which worked.

Does anyone know how I can hook the headphones up so I can use them again? Btw the headphones are hooked into the analog audio output port on the tv.

Thanks in advance
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See if your TV has a setting to use analog or digital output and switch to analog.

Also see if your TV has a setting for fixed or variable output for audio. If so, switch to variable as this usually works with analog connectors.
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thanks for the help, you got my mind thinking around the settings, but I figured out what to do.

There is a little bit of a manual step involved. I had to plug in a separate HDMI cable directly to the TV and my xbox ( or whatever i wanted to do that night). Then after that I had to go into the HDMI settings on the TV and turn off "Control HDMI Devices" this breaks the Bravia sync with the sound bar and lets you switch it from TV Speakers to Audio System and switch to Variable like you mentioned.

So if anyone has this problem, this is what you need to do. It's not exactly pretty but it gets the job done.

Furthermore i think if you wanted a more permanent solution, you could plug in all of your HDMI devices directly into the TV and use the optical audio cable to generate the sound, but I'm sure this has it's complications as well.
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Really no complications. However, HDMI devices plugged to your TV will only output 2 channel sound to your soundbar or home theater. Sony was trying to make life easier for most who had multiple digital components to get the best sound as well as having a single point of switching. An admirable goal which they seem to have done very well in implementation.
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Yes, it's a very nice setup they do have, and for most people it's great ( it is great for me too, it makes my cable connections a little more neat, i can hide them behind all the devices instead of running them up to wall to my TV mount).

If i didn't have the headphones I wouldn't of had any problems.

The optical audio cable only outputs 2 channel? I wasn't aware of that. The only thing I have hooked up that uses that is my Wii.
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