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My LOFT THEATER is finished!

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It's 10' wide and 4' tall. Backlit with two 8' florescent tube lights. The letters are 8" and 6". The LED lighting can change colors, flash, fade, etc. I'll have to take some video of it in action.

Bonnie, the usherette, greets our guests for the month-long Halloween Horror Shows.

Behind Bonnie, there's a HP Touchsmart that handles all the music in the theater.

Perched high above the theater, The Phantom of the Paradise menaces our guests.

The concession area (complete with popcorn cart and hotdog roller)

I'll try to post some video of a complete tour.


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Colton, make sure to post a thread in the construction forum too. That is one of the best marquee's I've seen in a home setting. WOW-really amazing commercial looking marquee.
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Thanks, rboster. I built the marquee in three days. The most expensive part was the acrylic sheets for the lettering.
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Wow, awesome job. Would love to see more pics, especially of the progress that went on.
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It all started after moving in ... here's the loft before and after.

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i have a few things to say :

that is pretty darned cool.
someone has too much time/money on their hands.
there are 2 things that are not big enough
i see you have the projector part covered

good job
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Congrats...great job.
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Very nice. You really have some great things. The marquee is fabulous. How high are your ceilings? What size screen did you put in? How did you mount the HP Touchsmart, I didn't think those had the mounting holes on the back??
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First, love the 8100 PRO!!!

Ceiling in the lobby is about 18 ft high. The theater has a 8' ceiling.

Screen is 96".

The HP Touchsmart (certain models) do have mounting holes, but mine needed a special mount that requires some additional installation.

Yes, time and money ... and a whole lot of sweat and blood.
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Very nice!
Your custom made marquees make the smaller store marquee look like nothing. I also havae the smaller marquee but your custom marquee can't touch it.
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Did you notice that wall just above the ticket booth? When I moved in, I saw that and thought: "That's perfect for a marquee!" It really worked out perfectly. I'll post some video of it in action.
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Wow. great job and very nicely done. I love Spidey up in the corner with the brick. You've got some really nice things and details going on in your theater and you definitely need to start your own thread in the construction forum. We want to see more!
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Here's a quick video of the entrance to the LOFT theater ...

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That looks amazing! Good job guys
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Very nice. Looks awesome.
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my oh my, you have one gorgeous marquee there. :) love what you have done with the place. Don't those mannequins creep you out sometimes when its late at night and you're drowsy? I know I would be creeped out by them all the time. ^_^ Spent my younger years living in a pretty haunted place with my parents, neighborhood was built on a old jewish cemetery they cleared out to build the area. That old house basically turned my dad from a stoic non believer into someone that at least accepts there is more than meets the eye. :P All those years of seeing figures move in the corner of your eyes, feeling hands laid on your shoulder and having things move around my bedroom with me huddled in a corner left me too sensitive to things like that in order to not be creeped out by those mannequins every time i would walk by them late at night. :P But im digressing, love the way your theater looks with all the signs and accessories ! :)

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@MasterHaze: Thanks for the compliment. As for the cemetery, did they only move the headstones? wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Colton View Post

@MasterHaze: Thanks for the compliment. As for the cemetery, did they only move the headstones? wink.gif

Oficially they moved the entire graves with casket and all, but I serously doubt it seeing the amount of haunting that went on there. :P the most vivid thing that happened to me was seeing a ghost right in front of me walking into my brothers bedroom. :P that one nailed me to the floor and made me white as a sheet according to my mom. What made my dad a believer was when there was still one of those pull door bells where you have to pull the nob and the cord attached will ring the bells. Every night it would ring many times and there would never be anyone there. So my dad decided to sit in the hallway all night with the little hatch in the door opened so he could see outside and low and behold, the bell rings but no one is there. ^_^ Ringing one of those types of bells takes quite a bit of force to do, so no way it was just the wind or something. :P



sorry for the thread jack there, just wanted to share that. :)

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