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Netflix Player for Canada, Blu-ray

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Is there a bluray player that works with netflix in Canada.
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Supposedly Sony will be issuing a firmware shortly for their X70 series to enable that.
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Originally Posted by elec999 View Post

Is there a bluray player that works with netflix in Canada.

According to the Netflix Canada website some Toshiba players will work. You'll have to try one to be sure....
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Only the 3D player will do that. I was thinking of getting a PS3 at that price? Any comment?
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I'm researching to see if the BDX2500, BDX2700 or BDX3000 will work with Netflix in Canada.
I've been calling and emailing Toshiba but they don't seem to know even though Netflix.ca has their BP listed as compatible along with Samsung.

I emailed Samsung Canada to see if they do support netflix Canada streaming and even though Netflix.ca lists their BP as compatible this is what I got as a response.


The firmware that could enable Netflix streaming is not available yet. Unfortunately, we cannot advise at this point when it will be."

Anyone get any Blu-Ray players working with Netflix in Canada?

I bought a Sharp BP from Visions with the NEtflix app on it but it didn't work with our Netflix here in Canada.

This guy claims his Samsung BD-C6500 after the latest firmware upgrade does stream netflix in canada.

I'm thinking of picking one up soon enough and hope to test it out.
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For anyone interested in getting a blu-ray player to stream Netflix in Canada.
I bought the Samsung BD-C6500 updated the firmware and connected to Internet@TV which downloaded the Netflix app and works like a charm with the Canadian Netflix. Don't bother calling Samsung because they don't know their own products, they told me no blu-ray player of theirs works with Netflix.ca but they were wrong.
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I just called them about the Samsung BD-C5500 and got the same story wait for the firmware update. Funny because Netflix claims the player will work.

I confirm that this one does in fact not work in Canada at least not yet.
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I emailed Samsung to let them know that he BD-C6500 does work with Netflix in Canada. And this is what they sent me.


The Canadian model BD-C6500 does not support it yet, as the firmware has not been released. Maybe Netflix could not make the distinction when you asked them."

I'm happy with my blu-ray player but to be honest I hope it doesn't break because these people don't know anything.
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i got the C6500 and it works with netflix. There was a Sharp player and Toshiba. Sharp had no wifi.
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I can confirm that the Samsung Bluray BD-C6500 player has Netflix Canada available. The Internet@TV has a 2010 in green box in the upper right corner, telling you that the firmware has been upgraded. With that firmware you have the ability to download netflix from Samsung Apps in Internet@TV.

When you set it up you are asked if you are a subscriber. If you say yes, you are provided a short alphabetic code. Go to netflix.ca/activate and enter the code while your DVD player is on (on your computer). After about a minute or so your DVD player will be authorized and you can browse the whole catalog, review movies you've watched partially or watched before and browse or search the full catalog...

It's awesome. Streaming does take a 2-3 minutes to start a movie, but it depends on the speed of your wireless/wired connection I guess.
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Does the 6500 play any movies in 5.1 audio? The PS3 is playing some Netflix Canada movies with Dolby surround.
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New F/W for the BD-C5500 is available here and it works with Netflix in Canada (at least for me)


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We got excited about Netflix for $8/month and bought a BD-C6500 Blue Ray DVD player from Future Shop November 11, 2010. Future Shop's crack sales staff assured me the player had Netflix built in! Took it home, hooked it up and no Netflix. All the other Apps loaded fine but not Netflix. Thanks to this forum it was obvious I had to update the firmware. Called 1800SAMSUNG. Also as other posts have stated the Samsung help desk has no idea when the upgrade will come. So while I was packing up the box to take it back I thought I should look at the Samsung site one last time. On November 12 they added the firmware upgrade at their Samsung website. Do a search for the BD-C6500 then select SUPPORT then select FIRMWARE.

Be sure to follow the USB instructions as I found this to be a very easy upgrade. You download the ZIP file, uncompress the RUF file, save it to your USB stick, turn on your DVD player, plug in the USB stick with the RUF file on it and then follow the instructions on the downloadable instruction file.

Amazingly it worked. As soon as the upgrade was done and the unit powered back on (after the USB stick is pulled out) the system updates itself and Netflix is added.

Be sure to go to Netflix.ca and get your first month free. Your Netflix app will send you a code that you enter into your computer. This links your account with your player/TV.

Now how does an average buyer figure this out? No idea.

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ok - have read the posts here and wanted to offer my experience. just bought this primarily for the netflix capability...

have firmware version with the '2010' in top, but still only 1016.1 - and not able to get netflix app.

tried to upgrade firmware over wired connection, no luck.

tried to upgrade from usb key and the key was not read.

called support and was told to burn disk image onto cd. disk image was not read. i was then informed that some people / isp's have not been able to upgrade. next step is taking player to office to try a different isp (not cogeco) and will report back.
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My son gave us a Pionner BDP 330. The DVD upconversion is Great and I did a firmware update and there was the NetFlix Logo....however when I went to activate it with Netflix it reports back. "streaming to this device is not available in your area". Must only work in US. I looked on the website for a place to email Netflix.ca (looks like only phone support is available) If it works in the USA it can't be rocket science to work in Canada....I'd like to know if and when it might be available.
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I found this list of devices that work with netflix canada. I assume it is not all-inclusive.

The dvd players in the list currently are:
Blu-ray Players
BD-C5500 BD-C5900 BD-C6500 BD-C6800 BD-C6900 BD-C7500 BD-C7900 BD-C8000


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Anyone have a Oppo 93 in Canada. Will netflix work with the Oppo.
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