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The "Official" Onkyo TX-SR608 Thread (No Price Talk)

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I've decided to start this thread because there was no single official TX-SR508 thread and a lot of persons have created new threads, comparing this AVR to others, or starting new threads about assorted problems with the AVR. So have at it.

Onkyo TX-SR508 from site: http://www.us.onkyo.com/model.cfm?m=...s=Receiver&p=i
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Hi h0mi, sure there is, check here.

See your title should read TX-SR508.
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Ugh. I goofed. I meant to call this the 508 thread not 608. But I copy-pasted from the 608 thread as a template. Would a mod be able to modify my subject please? Sorry...
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I am unable to get the Netflix, or any of the LG42LD550 tv Netcast things to play through the Onkyo. It gets sound ok via the tv sound only. I read the directions and it says the HDMI out from the Onkyo into the only input on the back of the TV should be able to run the audio both ways with the video. I have the best HDMI latest version cable I could find at NewEgg and dont know if that would be a problem spot anyway. both tv and onkyo are less than a year old and function quite well in all other respects. I have the LG BD570 which also has the netflix in it so have deferred to it. but it would save power and all that if i could make it all happen via the tv and not have to either turn on the pc and /or the BD player in order to make good sound come with the movies. picture is fine i have the onkyo set up for through on resolution and followed the directions have no issues with the pc, bd,or the cable via hdmi connections in assigned ports.
Can anyone please guess at what i neglected to do?
there are so many options and places i could have gone wrong but the instruction book made it look pretty easy to make happen, only it doesnt. I get no on screen menu when in the TV/CD selection. no sound, no menu .
I guess i should note that the 'Netcast' part of the tv seems to be independent of normal tv functions too. But I do not get sound or menu in either mode. I had hoped that the normal tv would play through the onkyo but, no need since i use the 'Cable/Sat' and only watch digital cable.
I would appreciate any suggestions, even if it wont do it, no matter what , i would be thankful

i see this is an old thread so will post somewhere else when i figure out how to do that as well
John Darcy
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