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Question for Bob Olsen concerning WXIX  

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Hello Bob,

I know that you are located in Chicago but after reading a few of your informative posts thought perhaps you could answer a question that bugs me to no end about the Cincinnati Fox station, WXIX.
I know that most of the programming originating from this station is not native 480P or 16x9. All of this material is usually zoomed in on and stretched slightly to get a 14x9 picture. I realize that a lot of people prefer this method as the lesser of two evels. So be it.
But what really annoys me about the station is that the Fox programs produced and distributed in 480P and 16x9 are also often zoomed and stretched to 14x9 from the 4x3 source or, even worse, the 16x9 picture is zoomed in and stretched slightly to get a 14x9 picture with a still noticible horizontal squeeze.
Is this the way all Fox stations are or is WXIX doing something wrong? And if they are doing something wrong, mind giving them a call and letting them know how to use the equipment?
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S Varney

Called the station (they are an affiliate, i.e. FOX does not own the station, only provides network programming to them, unlike my station in Chicago.)

Left a message for their DOE to call me. Have not heard back yet, and Wednesday was very busy for me so I was not able to try again to reach him.

Maybe Thursday.

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Thanks a million.
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Noticed this week they've fixed the 4:3.. but, during network shows they're either off the air, altogether, or doing that silly stretch thing that looks like a vertical letterbox. Any luck with 'em? I've written and called to no avail.

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I too noticed that the 4x3 picture had been corrected... at least on whatever was airing Tursday night between 9 and 10. Maybe they have finally will begin airing things properly.
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I hope so. But not holding my breath. The letter I got back from the Program Director stated that "Fox hasn't aired anything in Widescreen since the Super Bowl." Pretty out of touch, I'd say.

So, unless Olsen or the net can get through to them, we'll continue to see silly stuff like that 9:16 image.
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A Blast from the past, check these threads out, which are particularly interesting considering the current situation, and the fact that WXIX was able to do 16x9 properly for Superbowl and for a few shows the week before :



What's the "real problem" This time I wonder?

FYI, after receiving the same sort of response from WXIX as Dr Don did, I went to Fox instead fairly recently(about 3 weeks ago), and received a response stating that they've been assured WXIX engineering is addressing the problem ... I still have some hope, but it is fading. WRGT-DT Fox Dayton would be my next hope.

I'll gladly switch to watching WRGT-DT when they come on air if they do it right.(Don't hold your breath on that one either). Their DTV App for Channel 30 has been at FCC since '99. It's been "accepted for filing". According to the online info, No Construction Permit has yet been issued, so, I don't believe they need to meet the May 1 deadline, and as such, have not filed for an extension.

Surely would be nice if WXIX would approach their relationship with the viewers in at least a somewhat similar manner as Bob Olsen and the Chicago Fox affiliate has. I Wouldn't hold my breath on that one either.

Good to see you at AVS Doc

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Thanks for the kind words.. good to be here.
At least you're close enough to get DT out of Dayton. I can get analog fairly well, but doubt the digital signals will reach all the way to Florence. Although, I could hide a nasty yagi in the trees and hope the neighborhood association doesn't see it.. ;-)
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Spoke with one of the WXIX photogs during the parade, today. He’s heard some things in the hallway and here’s what he’s picked up:

1) WXIX-DT’s transmitter needs a new tube that costs $30,000.
2) They have a hard time spending that kind of money for the “one viewer that’s out there.â€
3) Since nobody called when the transmitter went down, then nobody must be watching it. The way they knew the transmitter had a problem was when another staffer looked at the digital monitor and said, “Is it supposed to be a frozen picture like that?â€
4) He says every time he walks down the hallway where the digital transmitter is located, some part of it is sitting out on the floor being worked on.
5) I’m the first person he’s ever met who had a DTV tuner.

Guess it’s “24†in 4:3 for the foreseeable future.
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Well, if they'd get it fixed and boost power a little, I know I'd be another viewer, despite living 78 miles away.

Seems WXIX would be the first I could get a lock on when conditions were right (which I'd have to rely less upon if they boosted power).

And, since Louisville is going to be sans digital FOX for at least another 6 - 9 months, I'll take what I can get.
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Considering they are thinking along the lines of 1-10 viewers, I think WXIX folks would be amazed if they knew how many viewers there actually are, and where they are. No, it isn't a huge number, but considering the number of folks who post here and on other forums who can receive Cinci DTV, and the fact that most with DTV tuners won't be posting or calling the station(or even reading this thread), I'd estimate the number currently to be 200+, and will soon be in the 1,000's with many more to come via OTA and Cable.

A note to all reading this: If you can pull in WXIX-DT, please send them a note concerning this fact, as well as the absence of 16x9, via the contact info at their website, or by calling the station.

When they are off air(it's been a few days since that happened), I guess we will have to pester them about that too.

The contact info page for WXIX is here:

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