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Hi Guys-

Been reading these forums for a while and am constantly impressed with the AV know-how out there. I just bought my first house with my wife (yay!) and she has given me the all-clear to get a decent receiver and speakers.

Here are the considerations:

Use: 70% movies and TV, 20% gaming, 10% music.

Speakers: Would like to get nice bookshelf front speakers that could eventually be moved to rears if I upgrade the system later. I have a little bit of hearing loss in one ear which can make dialogue difficult to hear if there is lots of other noise, so a crisp center channel speaker will be critical. Speakers that perform well near a wall would be ideal. I have old satellites that I was going to use as rears for now, or I can get a cheap pair of rears like the paradigm atoms ($250/pair). I would prefer to spend most of the money on the fronts/centers for upgrade purposes later. Budget for speakers: ~$1500-2000.

Subs: Thinking of getting a SVS sound or Epik subwoofer. Room size is modest (approx 10x14x9=~1250 cu. ft) so I'm guessing clarity>power for this room. Budget for subs: ~$500-800.

Receiver: Just need a capable receiver that can drive the system. Already have a 46" LCD samsung TV, PS3 (blu-ray), and Wii. Considering an AppleTV to stream Apple lossless from my iTunes collection. Don't have a 3D TV or 3D blu-ray at the moment, could use recs on whether it's worth it to make sure the receiver can support it for the future. Budget for receiver ~$1000 and under.

Room considerations: Approx 10x14x9 rectangular shape with one corner lopped-off. Hardwood floors, plush couch, will adjust curtain thickness depending on if room feels bright or dead. Lots of built-in bookshelves in the room. Can add a few acoustic panels to help with sound. Room has doors in inconvenient places. I am considering putting the TV in the corner opposite the lopped-off corner for now (not ideal I know but I read a pdf from Floyd Toole from Harman talking about setting the room up this way). If the sound is horrible with the TV in the corner I may be able to convince my wife to drywall over the bathroom door (it has 2 doors so it's an option), which would let me put the TV in the center of the long wall. How important is it to get a receiver that can auto-calibrate speakers for an oddly-shaped room like this?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!