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Pre-Wire Your New Home: Chapter 9: Whole-Home Video

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Pre-Wire Your New Home: Plan For The Future
Chapter 9: Whole-Home Video
Author: David Feller

This is the ninth and final chapter of a multi-part series covering all aspects of low voltage wiring in the home: entertainment, security, automation, and future planning.

One of the biggest topics to cover, and perhaps the one with the most controversy since there are so many available products out there and each has its own distinct features and installation options. I will be discussing a few specific products and brands, but see the Appendix A with links to a host of sources and brands that all will accomplish the same basic goals.

This chapter will go through specific topics with examples of each system:

* Creating an in-home on demand Movie, Music, Picture and Internet streaming system. Yes this is more a source system than video distribution, but the choice of how to install it has specific impacts on other systems and it is becoming the most common question people are asking on the online forums.
* Composite distribution and integrating with IR passback
* HD - Component/HDMI/QAM distribution
* Alternate control systems

Read the complete article in the latest issue of our eMagazine at HomeToys.com
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This is a very informative series. I have a Russound whole house audio video system. It has been some of the best money I ever spent! We built our house with definate plans for a keypad system in mind. I did all the work myself and when I thought I ran enough wire...I ran more....as a back-up.

I think having a definate "plan" is equally important as the info provided in this series.

When installing a whole house A/V - automation system...Be realistic....

Do you really think you will ever use your iPhone to turn on your hot tub, adjust the thermostat in your home and start a pot of coffee 5 minutes before you pull in the driveway? I didn't think so either....so I spent money elsewhere in my system on things I knew I would want....
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