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Mitsu 3D setup, Need Help Please!!!!

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I have a 2010 Mitsu 73-C9 and don't really know what I need for setting up 3D

1) Since I have a 2010 model do I still need the 3DC-1000 adapter kit? I thought that only applied to the 2009 and older models but not sure?

2) What glasses can I use? The Xpand 102 have "DLP Link" and are commonly recommended, but they are so ugly! Can I use the Xpand 103's or something else? Do I have to use "DLP Link" or can I just use an IR emitter?

3) Do I have to run all HDMI 1.4? I currently believe I am but was wondering if it is required?

Thanks guys! I tried to call manufacters but all they tell me is "yeah you need to buy (insert most expensive product here) to get your 3D working" and I feel like I'm getting had.

Please help!
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The C9's are 2009 models; you need the adapter for 3D, unless you buy one of the Panasonic blu ray players that output checkerboard. For the 2009 and older sets, it's recommended to use the Viewsonic or Optoma DLP Link glasses; these supposedly give a better PQ than the XPands. You want to avoid emitter glasses on the pre-2010 sets. You can find more information on the 2009 DLP's in the Rear Projection section on "display devices", and the adapter threads under "3D tech talk".
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Originally Posted by Milmanias View Post

The C9's are 2009 models

not trying to be an ass here, or sound stupid but it the data sticker on the back of the tv says "manufactured Feb. 2010" is it still an '09 model?
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Correct; you can find more information here http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1142582

The 2010 models started coming out to market just a few months ago.
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thanks for the help dude, and thanks for being easy on the newbie
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Glad to help. This site has been a great resource for me.
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