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Originally Posted by DavidEC View Post


I still can not access this feature?!? _ALL_ other devices [computers (desktop, netbook and notebook which if have WiFi has that feature turned off!] and other brands of BluRay players] that I have that can access the web have no troubles when connect to the same network cable.. the other two web access feature connect with no troubles!!

Still looking for any ideas!

I can connect w/ no problems. Maybe try re-installing firmware again? I use this method, Reset back to default settings, turn off, unplug unit, wait 1 minutes, turn on, install firmware, hit reset again, turn off, unplug unit, wait 1 minutes, turn on and tweak.
I also unplug it every time when not in use (and all other electrical devices because AC current will still cause wear and tear) but you will need to configure your network page each re-connect.
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Originally Posted by Baseman View Post

Link to firmware page: Current is the last (2) only.


Thank you.
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Does anyone know about this latest firmware update?

BD550/BD555 (Ver:BD5.227.00/ Date:2011.07.06)
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Just picked up a brand new BD-530 for $19.97 at Sears. Wow.
This forum seems pretty dead lately, but thought I'd just post this anyway, in case anyone is interested (and lucky enough) to have any left in stock where you live.

I like my BD530 enough that I thought it might be nice to pick up a spare, especailly if it's cheap enough. So last night I looked online, but because it's an older model, those few places that have them left are selling them for highly inflated prices (I got my original one for $65 from WalMart). But then last night I went to Google and simply typed in "BD530" and hit Enter. Then I clicked on SHOPPING, and to my surprised I saw it was $100 online, but $30 from nearby stores. I clicked on it to see where. And it listed a bunch of SEARS stores. Most said "OUT OF STOCK" but two said "LIMITED STOCK" and one said "IN STOCK" -- for $29.98. So I went to the Sears website, and typed in BD530. The only thing that came up are outside sellers selling the BD530 for close to $200. That means that the unit is NO LONGER IN SEARS' ONLINE SYSTEM (so don't even try going to sears online to check stock, it won't work). But since I was going to be driving by the Sears that showed "IN STOCK" the next day (today), I figured I'd just show up and see if they had any (I didn't want to call, in case the employee saw them for so cheap and decided to take it for himself instead). So this afternoon I went into that Sears store. There was no BD530s out on the floor, and the guy working there asked if I had a UPC number or something (not just BD-530). He looked at Sears' online site (which again, just showed independent sellers selling it) and said "see, it doesn't even show us, just independent sellers selling it." But I asked him to check in back just to be sure, because Google had shown stock at this store. He was nice enough to go back and check -- and came out with a brand new BD530 (last one). And when he scanned it in, the price had dropped to $19.97 for the unit! (Checking a day later now at Google, Google is reflecting this, showing $20 instead of $30). Though that was the last BD530, he also had one BD550 (for $49) but I didn't bother with the BD550 (no Divx, don't know who makes the chipset for it, didn't want to bother). So I walked out the door with a spare BD530 (brand new, and works great, just tried it out) for $19.98 + tax! There were two other stores within an hour's drive that showed "LIMITED STOCK" (rather than "IN STOCK" or "OUT OF STOCK") but I only needed one spare (I'm not going to be greedy or waste time selling them on ebay, I just wanted a spare for the other TV).

So... I thought I'd mention this to some of you in case you're lucky enough to have a Sears by you that still has them in. Chances are NOT good but if you want to check google for your area, it's worth a shot (again, checking Sears.com site online won't help, it won't show up there). In my area, Google lists 22 stores, and only 3 showed some form of stock (though one is now out of stock because of me, even though Google hasn't updated that yet). And of those 22 stores, some list it at $89.99 (even if it's out of stock), but there are still two that show "limited stock" for $19.97 (whatever that means).

So sorry for the long post, but just thought this could help out someone else somewhere where the local Sears store still has one or two of these in the back room. If Google Shopping shows it in stock, it's worth going down in person and asking the salesman to check the back room (tell him/her it's in a reddish color box to help them find it). If I didn't insist that the salesman check, he wouldn't have found it today. FWIW, the store that I took the last one out of is on Peck Road so if google doesn't update the stock status yet, it's sold out there.

But if you want, go to Google shopping where you live, type in BD530, and see if anything pops up for "NEARBY STORES" that shows in stock. If it's Sears, and it shows stock, there's a possibility that it's actually in stock (if someone else hasn't beaten you to it) -- for a ridiculously low price -- you just have to persuade the salesman to check the back.

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Is there anything similar to BD530, but including a wifi connection? I really like that my BD530 plays most of what I try on it (Divx, Xvid, H264, mkv, ...), but it looks like it has been discontinued.
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I wonder... is the LG BD530 actually made by Haier? (A large Chinese electronics/applicnace company whose main business is making stuff for other manufactueres, though they have started to enter the US market with their own brand recently). I'm thinking it is, because my spare BD530 that I just picked up at Sears, I decided to hook up to a 24" LED Haier 1080p TV I just bought. I was hoping that I'd be able to control the TV with the BD530's remote (volume, input, etc) but then looked at the BD530's instruction book and noticed only a few manufacturers listed that you can enter codes for on the BD530 (and obviously Haier wasn't one of them). But then something weird happened: I simply pressed VOLUME anyway just for the heck of it -- and right out of the box, the LG BD530's remote instantly controlled my Chinese-made Haier TV (Volume, Input -- the few TV functions that are on the BD530 remote).

I know LG is a huge Korean company (used to be Lucky-Goldstar years ago) but I'm sure they don't manufacture everything themselves. For instance, the BD530 is made in China (where Haier makes all their stuff), yet the BD550 is made in Indonesia at obviously another factory in another country.

So why would the BD530's remote control a Chinese-made Haier TV? I don't think Haier is having LG make their stuff (Haier's main business is making appliances and electronics for OTHER companies). So seeing that the BD530 remote works with the Haier TV right out of the box, my guess is that Haier is the actual maker of the BD530 for LG (not a big deal, just thought I'd post this).

For those interested, the TV (made in China of course) is a Haier LE24C1380.

Anyway, it worked out perfectly. Got a 24" LED 1080p Haier for $159 @ Frys a couple weeks ago and a spare BD530 BluRay player for $19.97 at Sears the other day. And for some strange reason, they work with each other just perfectly.

As far as the firmware goes, I haven't tried the update yet. Maybe I will with this 2nd unit. I noticed on the firmware page it doesn't say the 530 (it says the 550), but of course you get to that page from going to the BD530 page and clicking drivers/software, so I guess (suppose) it's OK for the 530? By now has anyone else tried the new firmware or called LG to see what the difference is?
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Is LG going to release a successor to the BD530 that plays mkv, divx, etc? At one time, Philips had a really good player (5992) for divx. Then the BD530 came along with mkv support. Who is going to take over the throne? Some of us are not as lucky as bdeyes and can't find the BD530 at a reasonable price.
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So, I've had the BD530 for about a year now.

No problems, up until a few days ago. It still plays discs perfectly. No issues there.

But I'm now having trouble with playing mkv files through the USB port. I've watched dozens of movies with my Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive since I got the player, but a couple days ago I tried to play a file and the player completely froze up.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in, tried again, and the movie played this time. When I was done, I tried to play another movie, and again the player froze. I tried unplugging again, but this time I plugged it back in, played the file, and the player froze up again. Now it happens any time I try to play a video file through my Sandisk Cruzer.

This is really driving me nuts, as even though I own/watch many actual blu-ray discs, I probably use the player even more for things I've (ahem) downloaded.

I haven't gone through this entire thread yet, but has anyone experienced a similar problem?
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To the person asking about MKV files, this player only plays certain types of MKV files (there are specs somewhere detailing what filetypes contained in the MKV container it will play and won't, search earlier in this thread perhaps, or elsewhere), but anyway the jist of it is, it will play only those MKV files that contain the resolution and codecs that the player will recognize and play -- otherwise the player will either say something like "may not be able to play this movie" or simply just freeze up. I've had it happen to me often (in that case, I just unplug it and plug it back in if it won't respond to power off or anything else). What you should be asking yourself is simply: is it freezing when trying MKV files that have played before, or just new or different MKV files you've recently downloaded? My hunch is, it's new ones you've just downloaded that aren't playing, and that's common. I've found it only plays about 1/4 of the MKVs I've downloaded... anime fansubs especially don't seem to work well for some reason, probably because they contain higher resolution or different codec types than the player will recognize. I think of it this way: the mkv playback was a small added bonus, not a guarantee (even though it mentioned it on the box), so if it works, great. If not, I have to use the computer. It's still a great low-end player. If you're worried about your player freezing on MKVs, see if you have an old mkv saved somewhere from a while back that you know for sure played fine before -- and try it again. My hunch is, it'll still work. It's just that the player only plays MKVs that have certain types of files in them (or files that conform to certain standards, codecs, or resolutions), and if it continas files outside of those, it'll either warn you that it can't play it, or simply freeze up.

For what it's worth, my two players are still working flawlessly.
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^ ^ ^

+1 Both my BD530s still work great and function as great Blu-ray players also. They are on par or even better than players that cost me4 times as much. And so are the two LG BD550 players I got for the same price. Although they don't play LKVs.
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Originally Posted by ForKeeps View Post

I haven't gone through this entire thread yet, but has anyone experienced a similar problem?

I've been playing with the 670 since last fall but i do have the 530 around and yes, sometimes i have the same effect, sometimes the unit will even just shut off. Either its from loading from a thumb drive or just buggy software. At least LG is still updating the 530. The 600 series has some serious problems. I think i'll start looking at pannys (Panasonic). They will play anything you throw at them too.
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Sweet on your units still working! MKV playback is touch n go with LG units. Usually the profile should be at 4.1 or lower due to the container they use. Some folks have reported some issues with lower profiles too. Too bad they don't use ffdshow for their playback codecs.
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I checked out the Panasonic BD players and it seems that the North American units will not play 'avi, divx' files but all the others. Most of the threads confirm this. I wonder if hollywood has something to do with this considering all that's been going on as of late.
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Well, my BD530 died after less than a year of moderate use. (I think it was used for less than fifty discs.)

The warning sign was brief. After working fine earlier, it got hung on "hello." I unplugged and "reset" by holding power button for 30 seconds then replugged as I've read in the internet. It worked like a charm: watched a movie then powered down.

Next day when I tried to eject the movie, nothing. BD530 refused to turn on. There was absolutely no action/reaction, not even a blinking light. WTF. It was dead as a door nail.

Now I've done some research and apparently BD530 dying is relatively common... with most frequently mentioned cause being sub-par capacitors that get blown in the power supply/board(?).

Does anyone have experience in repairing their BD530, i.e., replacing capacitor and other bits on the board? I can be handy so I am willing to tinker with it. I can get hold of a solder and volt meter and stuff. Thanks.
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Sorry to dig up an old issue on this forum from long time ago about mkv 5.1 profile.

Actually I have same condition as Neptune76.
The file cannot play on LG LW5700 but works on Samsung EH4000.
I already try demux change 4.1 profile and remux but not solve the problem.

I've uploaded the sample at

The original file was downloaded from

Looking forward for any help to solve this problem.
Thank you.
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Anyone have a problem with the B5.277 software update that came out a week or so ago? I was having a problem where it would get stuck for a bit of time in fast forward before you could get it back to play mode. This new software seems to have fixed that issue, but now I get something much worse, it sometimes hangs when playing a file, requiring a pull-the-plug power cycle to restore it. I went back to the B5.227 software (LG_BD_5200M50.zip) currently on the LG website, as of Oct 5, 2012.
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After the B5277 firmware updates I can hardly use the USB port with a HDD. The player is always locking up / freezing and requires a power reset.

Does anyone have an old firmware version or know how to get one from LG? I'm ready to get a new player as most of my watching was movies off a hard drive.
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I'm having the same issue with my BD530. Freezing during playback of video files from a USB flash drive after the latest B5277 firmware update. I called LG and they had me perform factory reset which did not resolve the issue. The customer service rep indicated that downgrading the firmware to a previous version was not possible as it could damage the player and that the only solutions were 1) exchange the player for the same model and be charged a $35 shipping fee 2) hang on to the player and wait for their software engineers to resolve the issue in a future firmware update.
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Originally Posted by greengauntlet View Post

I'm having the same issue with my BD530. Freezing during playback of video files from a USB flash drive after the latest B5277 firmware update. I called LG and they had me perform factory reset which did not resolve the issue. The customer service rep indicated that downgrading the firmware to a previous version was not possible as it could damage the player and that the only solutions were 1) exchange the player for the same model and be charged a $35 shipping fee 2) hang on to the player and wait for their software engineers to resolve the issue in a future firmware update.
I only use this machine to play files from a USB hard drive and had the same results as you and the previous poster.

I was lucky in that I updated to the B5277 firmware when the B5227 was still on their website. I had no trouble at all going back to the old firmware. The new firmware pretty much makes the unit useless, at least if you use it to play files from the USB port.
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I have the same issue (freezing during playback of video files from a USB flash drive after the latest B5277 firmware update). Where can I find version BD5.227? mkpl do you sill have the files for this version?

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If anyone has an older firmware can you please share!!!!
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Can anyone help, trying to update my BD530 firmware and it just hangs after it loads the new firmware from either online or USB and just gets stuck on the screen with the progress bar going a little bit and stops? Have to pull the plug at that point to get it to come back and still on old firmware.

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First, thanks for uploading the 5227 firmware!
Next, with all this talk about how the latest firmware (5.277) really makes things bad for playing filles from a USB drive (which I do often), I had a question.

You talked about going back to the older "5227" firmware.

Well, I have two BD-530s, and I have even older firmware on both of them!
Player #1: 4.380.00 (yup!)
Player #2: 5.012.00 (updated it once a long time ago)

So.. from your posts, I know to avoid the latest one (5277)... but is there any benefit (or danger) of updating from the two old firmwares I have on my machine to the "5227" one?
Does anyone know what issues the 5227 solved (or created) from the older firmwares?

There IS one problem I noticed... and the problem occurs on both of my players (one with 4380 and the other with 5012)... on the MKV files that the machine WILL play, it will play the file fine until it comes to a part where the subtitles in the MKV files have placement commands (ie, at the top of the screen or at certain parts on the screen). At that point, both machines "freeze but keep playing without subtitles." In other words, the subtitles disappear, the file keeps playing, but nothing I press (even STOP or POWER OFF) do any good... the machine is pretty much frozen and playing without subs. If I then pull the plug and restart playing the file -- but start it after the point where the MKV file had subtitles with exact placement, then it works just fine (until it comes to another place where the subtitles are being told to be at a certain point on the screen). That only happens in MKV files... and if the MKV file has just normal subtitles (without specifying where they should be placed) it works fine.

So I don't know if upgrading the firmware to 5227 would fix this issue or not. Is it worth it to try, or should I keep my coveted old firmware on the machine? Other than this, both players work fine (work great with avi, mp4, bluray, etc ... just mkvs with subtitle placement commands are bad). Should I just keep the firmware I have and live with it, or should I update the firmware? Of course once I update the firmware, I can never go back... :-() What do you guys think?

Finally, two quick comments:
(1) I had a look at the latest WalMart Black Friday LG BluRay player special this year... the BP125 ($38 @ Walmart). Junk. I bought one, and even for $38, returned it. HDMI only, (I like how the BD-530 has HDMI as well as standard RCA, composite outs). Picture didn't look as good either. However the MKVs with forced sub placement DID play OK on this machine. But not worth it. I have two BD-530s and like them better.

(2) While the BD-530 does play media files, if you play a lot of them, I can recommend one very inexpensive media player that just blows everything away. It's the Micca Speck, sold through Amazon. It doesn't stream or Netflix, it just plays media files -- but every file type you can throw at it (MKV, RVMB, AVI, lots more). Currently it's $38 on Amazon, but the price keeps changing (typical Amazon). Unlike some of the no-name ones from ebay or sites like dealextreme, this one has support, a full easy-to-understand manual, is solidly built, has a real remote with AAA batteries (easier to replace than button ones), has great software that lets you do things like change the font color and size... and plays anything I throw at it. I have both the Micca Speck and the BD-530 hooked up to my main TV and go back and forth.

But again, I am curious what you guys think about what I should do with my BD-530s. Should I leave the really old firmwares on them, or upgrade to the 5227 one? What was improved (or made worse) with the 5227 (not the 5277, I guess I'll avoid THAT one...)

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The issue I have with the 5.227 firmware is sometimes it gets stuck when fast forwarding a .ts file that was recorded on a HTPC. I don't know if the problem was introduced wth this level. I haven't played mkv files with subtitles, so I can't say if this firmware has the problem you are seeing. Given there appears to be no path back to the old firmware, I would stay with it if that problem isn't causing you much grief, or just update one machine.

Thanks for the tip on the Micca Speck.
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I did the upgrades only to be able to play more file type. For your subtitles in the MKV problem, I can’t help you since I never use subtitle. But you can always go back to previous version if you have the files.
For the BD570 they have this: http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570

They have access to all firmware’s versions with description of each. Too bad we don’t have the same for BD530.

This is not the same player so don’t try to use this firmware. But it could give you some idea of what upgrade are about. LG probably modify software for their players all at once. They probably have source code in common for the BD530 and BD570 for the same functionality.

BTW, the BD570 have two memory IC instead of one. I am pretty sure it is the same thing for the rest. That is why it has more functions.
Can you explain how you play files with subtitles? Do you need extra file like .idx .sub or it is include in the .avi .mkv files? If I know how to put subtitle I will try this for you.

Other remarks:
The LG player use open source operating system. I think it is Linux or uCLinux. Since they do this their source code (by the open source convention) are also open source. It is written in the manuel that they must provide the source code if you ask them. The information regarding previous version should be there.
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Thanks for the replies.
Yeah.. maybe I'll just keep the machines as is and won't upgrade the firmware, since I don't have backups of the older firmware that's in them...
I'm surprised these machines are still going, but they're still working great smile.gif
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Firmware Question:
Does the BD530 use the same firmware as the BD550 and such?

Because I found this page for LG that lists older firmware (from 2011):
And when you click on "Software Update" and scroll down, you still see:
Firmware update for BD550/BD570/BD590 (Ver:BD.8.31.362.C/Date:2011.11.16)
Filename seems to be: LG_BD_5100B30.ROM.zip with a date of: 11/17/2011

I ask this, because when you click on the BD530's page:
And click on "Software Update" it DOESN'T say anything for the BD530, even though it's the BD530 page. Instead, it says:
"Firmware update for BD550/BD555 (Ver:BD5.277.00/ Date:2012.09.27)"
(and then goes on to list that bad, new 5277 firmware: LG_BD_5200M50.zip with a 10/30/2012 date)

So... does the fact that on "BD530" software update page it says "here's the firmware for the BD550/BD555" mean that the BD530 uses the same firmware as the BD550?
If that's so, then when you go to the BD550's page and see the older 2011 firmware (above)... would that be safe to put into the BD530?

But it doesn't seem to make sense, because the numbers are all different (BD.8.31.362.C isn't anything like BD5.277) But then, if the BD550 is supposed to have different firmware than the BD530, why when you go to the official BD530 page at LG, does it just say new firmware for the BD550/BD555?

I'm confused...

Especially because when you go to the foreign sites -- like South Africa's LG page for the BD550...
You see this:
Firmware update for BD550/BD555 (Ver:BD5.277.00/ Date:2012.09.27)

And isn't that the same "5.277" update that LG posted on the US page for the BD530?

So... what gives? Does the 550 and the 530 use the same firmware?
So then what about that older 2011 firmware for the 550 I found at the top of this post? If it's supposed to be for the 550, would it work on the 530 also? Even though its version number is way different than those for the 530 (starting with an "8" -- Ver:BD.8.31.362.C/Date:2011.11.16")?

This doesn't make any sense...

PS: Other than the slightly-older 5.227 firmware someone here posted (thank you!) does anyone have any OLDER firmwares for the 530 or 550? Or know if they're online anywhere?

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I have the 12/1/2010 BD4.874.00.C firmware. https://rapidshare.com/files/1280563186/LG_BD_5200M50.ROM
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Originally Posted by johnnyquid View Post

I have the 12/1/2010 BD4.874.00.C firmware. https://rapidshare.com/files/1280563186/LG_BD_5200M50.ROM

Nice, thanks!!
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