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Electrovoice Force 10 Drivers for Subwoofer?

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I would really like to build my own subwoofer, but I'm operating on a very limited budget. However, I have two electovoice force 10 speakers laying around that are VERY VERY well built speakers.

My only question is, can a space efficient box be build that they will sound good in for subwoofer use? They weren't really designed to be subwoofer drivers but given the specs will they work ok?

Thanks for any pointers or advice you may be able to offer. Here is a spec sheet I found on the drivers I have.

DOH... can't post the url, sorry. Maybe this?

Since I am not allowed to post the URL, here are some relevant specs:

150 Watts RMS power handling
Q at fs: .38
Frequency Response: 75 - 7000 HZ
Free Air Resonance: 65 HZ
Efficiency: 98 db

Also, it has a 10lb magnet so it is very heavy.
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no sir,these are midbass drivers
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i really like to stretch the limits of pro audio drivers, but i'm afraid that these won't really cut it for subwoofer duty.
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Thanks for ruining my hopes. I suspected as much, but wanted to hear otherwise.

I've had these EV drivers for so long I can't even remember where they came from anymore. They have never been used in anything. Maybe I'll ebay them to someone that can really appreciate them and use the funds to build a nice sub.

Thanks for the answers!
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They're electric guitar/PA drivers.
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"Thanks for ruining my hopes."

i know it sucks.

it was pointed out to me that this one is on sale. that should get you in the subwoofer game for pretty cheap.


you could always have a look at the anarchy horn build. another low cost option, but it delivers big performance.
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Thank you for the suggestions! Wow, that anarchy horn is just crazy. I never would have thought that a 6" driver could put out like that.
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it trades off cost for a little bit of build complexity, but it is something that most anybody who can cut a straight panel should be able to cobble together. something like that might be just the thing for you. pretty darn massive performance, for very very low cost. i'm sure he'd be willing to help answer any questions that you have should you choose to build one.
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To unsavory: I recently read your post from October regarding your EV Force 10 speakers. I'm in the market for one. If you still have them, and would like to sell one, please contact me.
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that's cool...maybe trade him some cash so that he can build an anarchy horn...
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Well I tried sending unsavori a message on his personal profile. But I evidently need to send out 5 posts before I can do that. So, here is number 2. I'll have to get creative.
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the 5 post rule is just to keep spammers away. you are not a spammer right? ;-)

btw, i sent a heads up note to him for you...
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Thank you for sending a note to savori for me. No I'm not a spammer. I'm looking for a 10" replacement speaker for my guitar amp, and I'm told the EV is a good fit. Thanks again!
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well that's three. just two more. :-) what cab are you thinking of putting the ev drives in? ev is a long time rival of jbl. both are quite good. i don't think you will be disapointed. got a pic of your cab?
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by the way, i'd go back to #9 and hit the edit button, then delete out your email. spam bots constantly crawl all over the web for email addresses in order to send spam. you are kind of a sitting duck out there...just a heads up (to you and everybody else). i forwarded your email to unsavori, so he's got it.
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Hi: Thanks for the heads up regarding spamers. I went to #9, but couldn't find a way to edit out my email. Would appreciate if you can give some guidance on how do to this. I've got a Fender Super Champ amp. It's a small amp with an open back cabinet.
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Hi. I figured it out. I'm not to good with this tech stuff.
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maybe it is all the same 5 post rule. let's get you over that, then try to figure out the rest of it.

if you know, what are you running in your cabs as it is?
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"Hi. I figured it out. I'm not to good with this tech stuff."

nobody is...until you have done it for while...i get good vibes from you man...share and cheer and all will be good...
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I think I figured out the edit function. Thanks again.
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It's got the stock Fender 10" speaker. I hope to get a better sound by upgrading the speaker. There are lots of options from Celestion, Jensen, and Weber, but I understand the EV is the best fit. Thanks for your help. It's late now. Got to hit the sack.
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well, you are over 5 posts now, so we are one step ahead. i don't know how such would compare with the stock fender drive. we'll figure it out. welcome to avs btw.
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Thanks. Still have not heard anything from unsavory. In the mean time, I think I've found a speaker here in LA. But I would still like to see if unsavory and I might be able to work a deal. Sounds like his speakers are in pretty good shape. If you go to Google and look up Fender Champ Amp, you can see pictures of the enclosure. Sorry I don't have any of my own to post.
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Hi, guys. First post from a site-newby. Anyone have a single or pair of working EV Force-10 drivers? I've been looking for 2yr for these discontinued speakers. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
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