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Fireplace Buildout

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Haven't posted for a while. Since my last post, I've moved, no longer have a dedicated theater room and the majority of my gear is packed up in my unfinished basement (what it used to be - http://gallery.avsforum.com/showgall...0/ppuser/35005). Good news is I've gotten the go ahead to redo the fireplace in my family room and would like to incorporate a flatscreen.

The room is 14' w x 19' long, 9 ft ceilings. The fireplace is in the middle of the 14' wall with a window on either side. Between the fireplace and windows is about a foot of wall space. The fireplace is floor to ceiling brick
72" wide. Does anyone have any plans drawn up that shows masonary on the bottom a mantle with center channel incorporated and a buildout on the top to hold the TV and wiring? I'm looking for ideas on the construction of the mantle and behind the wall on the top section (the wife will be handling the design)

My gear for the fireplace is:
A 52" - 60" LCD
A M&K S-125 c Center Channel

All other components will on a rack next to the fireplace. I like the design of this one - http://cinemizeinc.com/images/flat_screen_fireplace.jpg - but again construction plans/details would be greatly appreciated.
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Try this link.
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