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Panasonic TH-50PZ80A Flashing Light

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I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ80A 50" full HD plasma TV and when I go to turn it on, the red light flashes twice, then pauses, then repeats and will not turn on. If I turn it off at the power button at front and leave it for a while I can get it to work again. I searched and the best thing I can find is for a different model and they said it was a D-Board. Just wanted to confirm that was correct for my model? Any help would be appreciated.

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You are correct. Here is the chart for your model. There is also a thread for Panasonics not turning on.

10G Models :
PX80U / PZ80U / PZ85U / PZ800U / PZ850U


============================================================ =====================
============================================================ =====================

1 blink STB 5v SENSE time out A-Board

2 blinks 15v SOS D-Board

3 blinks 3.3v SOS A-Board

4 blinks Power SOS P-Board

5 blinks 5v SOS D-Board

6 blinks Driver SOS 1 SU-Board / SD-Board / SC-Board
(SC Energy Recovery Circuit)

7 blinks Driver SOS 2 SU-Board / SD-Board / SC-Board
(SC Floating Voltage Area)

8 blinks Driver SOS 3 SS-Board / SS2-Board
(SS Energy Recovery Circuit)

9 blinks Communication Error between A-Board / D-Board
Panel-MPU and SYS-MPU

10 blinks Sub 5v SOS / Main 3.3v SOS A-Board
DTV 9v SOS / Tuner Power SOS

11 blinks Fan SOS PB-Board
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Although it could be the D board, it could also be the P, PB, A, SC, or SS boards.

Perform the flowchart steps of this document pages 9-11 to determine which board could actually be bad.
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Thanks for that, but the site is hitting me up with an error every time I try and download the manual.
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Originally Posted by bigbobtk View Post

Thanks for that, but the site is hitting me up with an error every time I try and download the manual.

What error are you getting?

I just tried and it downloaded fine. The site only allows 2 downloads per IP per day, and you must have javascript on and no ad/image blockers.
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It's working now, not sure what was goign on. Mabye a fault in the site. Anyways I will work through that flow chart and see how I go. I really appreciate the help and the link to that file!!!
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I went through the flowchart and it ended up being the P-Board. I used a multimeter over a few different connectors to see if there were 15v running through and it wasn't. Thanks once again, you saved me a bit of money. Although I won't count my chickens just yet as I have yet to try the new board. It's still in transit
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Not sure if anyone was actually interested. But the p-board came from shopjimmy and worked a treat. My TV is now back up and running! BIG thanks to tomwil for the link to that document, saved me quite a bit of time and money.
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Originally Posted by bigbobtk View Post

Not sure if anyone was actually interested.

We are interested and appreciative that you responded back with positive results. It appears most of the time we give guidance here, we never hear back from the poster, leaving us in limbo. Very happy that you solved your problem inexpensively and can enjoy a great TV!
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BACKGROUND: I have a Panasonic Th-46PZ85U. I have the 2 blinking lights as described above too. I downloaded the technical guide found in the link, but was unsure of my multimeter skills, since it has been a over a decade since electronics labs in university, so I called in two not-so-bright techs. They didn't have the technical guide and followed some other troubleshooting procedure to narrow it down to either the D or A Board; they said they detected the 15V, which rules out the P Board according to the manual. I played the 50/50 odds and ordered a D board and replaced it but still had the problem. I switched it back to the original with no changes in luck. At this point, my TV worked half the time. I didnt want to pay $700 to fix my TV, so I just lived with the occasional outage. One month later, the TV doesn't turn on at all. Time for action!

I bought a multimeter and am going through the steps (Pg 9-11) but I need some help. For step 1: The resistance of P7 pin measured to 1.6K ohm, does that mean a short circuit? I went through all the steps and saw the following range of resistances: 1.6, 3.2, and 20. Looking at such big differences, I want to say that "yes" was the right answer for step 1, but I guess I am not sure. How low of resistance tells me there is a short circuit?

If I say "no", the next step is to plug in the TV, turn it on, and measure P7 pin 1: I did not read 15V AC, it only got up to 3V and the fans moved briefly before the TV started the 2 blinking lights thing. This tells me it is the P Board.
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Hi, bigbobtk,

There are actually two P-Boards in TH-PZ5080A. One is called Power Supply Board, the other one called Sub Power Supply Board. Could you please let us know which board you replaced in your case?

Thank you very much.
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I have a Panasonic HD Plasma model # TH-50PX80X made July 2008.
Won't turn on, and I have 2 blinking lights of death. I live in Montezuma, Costa Rica. It's 8 hours to the city. Anyone know what 2 blinks mean? Or refer me to the correct thread? thanks!
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I have the same issue as above. Unfortunately I tried the D board(ShopJimmy) no luck. Next I tried the Sub power board from TSM and it worked for about 2 hours then went back to the 2 blinks. I was able to get a warranty replacement for it but it still didn't work.
The next step was to order a P board but I was unable to find one anywhere for a reasonable price. Then ShopJimmy had some in stock. Ordered on and still problem remained.
I then tried the local repair shop($50 diagnosis) they thought the SC was bad because it wasn't getting the 12 volts out of it(not sure which 12volts). I took the TV home and ordered an SC board....Still no joy.
Talked with ShopJimmy tech support using the technical guide mentioned above and it brings me back to the P board.
I notice that I don't have a short but right when I touch the lead to pin 1 on P7 there is a quick chirp(audible short from the DVM?) but it will go away until I try again in 20-30 seconds later(Static maybe?).
So if I say no short then I check pin 1 P7 for the 15 volts. I get 15.85 volts but when I press the power button it drops out. Now would the answer be yes or no? It is there but after turning it on it goes away. Also where is the fuse on the D board?
If I say it is a short it brings me to the P board since the chirp is still present with all connectors removed(P6, P7, P12, and P25).
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