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Hi i am setting my first "REAL" Home theater i am totally new on this world of high quality speakers. I just purchase my Monitor Audio RX-6, RX-1 and the central (they will arrive in home in one month), i live in Mexico. Now i am trying to select my receiver, i didnt have many options, just three. Now that i listen them i made my list for just two: Harman Kardon AVR-3600 or Denon AVR-2311.
I really like the denon sound, but the HK is not bad at all, the thing is that in USA the HK is priced 999 Dlls and the denon 890dlls but here in Mexico the HK is 1376 Dlls and the Denon is 1705 Dlls (and both have discount aplied).

So please i came here with the experts for advice. Wich one do you think should i buy and Why?