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Thread Starter - Most Innovative products from CEDIA 10

Here are a few of the products that people are talking about:

Crestron iPANEL turns the iPAD into a Crestron TouchPanel
Crestron iPaneL turns any iPad into a powerful, 2-way wireless Crestron touchpanel. The stylish, gloss black iPaneL features tactile hard buttons for quick access to the most used functions, such as volume up/down, mute, and a 5-way thumb pad for channel guide navigation. The iPaneL comes with a charging docking station, and future models will feature streaming media. The iPaneL is sleek, lightweight and ergonomic to keep the fun and mobility of the iPad.

Atlona Technologies 7 HD testing monitor
Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories, successfully showcased the product every major installer and integrator has been waiting for at CEDIA 2010, the AT-DIS7-PROHD. Unlike many other monitors available, the DIS7-PROHD does not limit its potential by segregating its testing uses to one specific format. While previous units similar to it have only HDMI or DVI to test recent additions to existing installation projects, Atlona has realized that there are many more applications integrators and installers face other than digital formats.

D-Tools New Manufacturer Online Data Library
This resource for custom integrators and users of D-Tools System Integrator software provides critical information on tens of thousands of products from leading audio/video, energy, IT, and security manufacturers. This searchable online library also enables users to rate products, make comments, and request additional information and corrections of incomplete data.

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